Herbal tea of ​​the month: Light legs goal

To relieve the feeling of heavy legs that comes with the first heat, nature has secrets to share with you. With rising temperatures, summer is a season that particularly affects people with venous insufficiency. So, when the beautiful season arrives, it is important to be particularly vigilant. In summer, to maintain a stable body temperature, … Read more

How to relieve heavy legs with medicinal plants?

Veno-lymphatic insufficiency is a benign condition, but sometimes very disabling and unsightly. In France, nearly 20 million people suffer from their “return circulation” to varying degrees. And only 30% are treated, probably because they are not offered many solutions apart from restraint. This is a pity, because phytotherapy offers effective remedies that were long reimbursed … Read more

Spring energy

spring detox is now

Spring is already here… Have you noticed it? Listen to the playful discussions of the sparrows, lean over and watch the vegetation change carefully, but surely. Our almond trees are already adorned with their flowers, the first buds are conscientiously growing, and gently, with muffled steps, nature emerges from its winter torpor. And you ? What’s going on inside … Read more

Natural light legs for this summer

Nearly one in four French people suffers from circulatory problems . Numbness, tingling, feeling of heavy legs accentuated at the end of the day… the symptoms vary from one person to another. When it’s hot, tingling, varicose veins, nocturnal cramps… invade daily life. It is imperative to pay attention to these signs to prevent the problem from getting worse. Far from … Read more

How to treat venous and lymphatic circulation disorders?

treat venous and lymphatic circulation disorders

Heavy legs ? Numb limbs? Nighttime cramps? Cold extremities? Varicose veins or swelling of the lower limbs? The functional signs of circulation disorders are often manifested by a feeling of heaviness, numbness and pain in the legs. In this article, discover naturopathic advice and treatments to relieve your circulatory disorders. Disorders related to poor venous … Read more

Homeopathy in superficial phlebitis of the lower limbs

Homeopathy in superficial phlebitis of the lower limbs

Phlebitis were affections that were formerly incorrectly called “periphlebitis”. It is in fact an inflammation with thrombosis of varicose veins , resulting in pain , redness , as well as induration of recent appearance. They are only exceptionally emboligenic. The pain remains low, there is little or no general impact. Rarely the evolution is done towards a thrombosis of the saphenous vein; however, recurrences are frequent. In the elderly, … Read more

Lentisque Pistachio essential oil, the ancient masticatory incense

Pistachio Lentisque

Pistachio mastic, botanical name Pistacia lentiscus, belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Its essential oil is obtained from the leafy branches. Frankincense is a type of resin with a strong odour derived from the sap of the Pistachio Mastic. In ancient times, this natural resin was used as chewing gum. Today, in Iran, it is still … Read more

Witch hazel, the hazelnut tree of Native American wizards

benefits of witch hazel

If the etymology does not tell us much about witch hazel, on the other hand the French and English synonyms tell us more: “ Witch-hazel “ → Le noisetier de sorcière. In fact, this endemic shrub in North America played the same role there, or nearly so, as the hazel tree in Europe. Dowsing rods were made from its branches , … Read more

Walnut, natural fall remedy par excellence

A number of plant species can be used to accompany your autumn cure. Among them, walnut(Juglans Regia) deserves special attention. First of all, because of the seasonal effect, in keeping with the rhythm of nature. The walnuts ripen in late September to early October. We eat them fresh, then dry them throughout the winter. Tasty, … Read more

Heavy legs, natural solutions in herbal medicine


Heavy legs are a common syndrome , especially in women, and usually worsened with the heat of summer. If the hereditary factor exists, venous insufficiency is not inevitable. Herbal medicine indeed offers a range of remedies to relieve this phenomenon and the pain caused. Origins and symptoms of heavy legs and venous insufficiency Caused by valve dysfunction *, venous insufficiency is a poor … Read more

Resist the scorching heat with herbal remedies

Once the euphoria of the first summer days has worn off, France is preparing to face the devastating heat waves . We fear the extreme discomfort and damage to the skin, hair and health in general. Ah if only we had a magic wand! We would hypnotize the weather so that it remains favorable to us indefinitely. While we greatly … Read more