The hot water bottle, a natural gesture

Monks, bladders, bassinets, heated bricks… the hot water bottle is the worthy heir of these objects whose function was to keep warm. And yes, there was a time when electric heaters and reversible air-conditioning were the stuff of science fiction! Today, the hot water bottle has evolved, and despite the fact that our homes are … Read more

Natural light legs for this summer

Nearly one in four French people suffers from circulatory problems . Numbness, tingling, feeling of heavy legs accentuated at the end of the day… the symptoms vary from one person to another. When it’s hot, tingling, varicose veins, nocturnal cramps… invade daily life. It is imperative to pay attention to these signs to prevent the problem from getting worse. Far from … Read more

Cold extremities and microcirculation, a common condition in winter

Cold extremities and microcirculation, a common condition in winter

During the change of seasons, especially during the cold season, it is common to suffer from cold extremities (nose, hands, feet, ears). This phenomenon due to a minor disturbance of the microcirculation is quite normal. Nature is well made and your body reacts. But why this phenomenon? When it is very cold, the body primarily protects … Read more

How to treat venous and lymphatic circulation disorders?

treat venous and lymphatic circulation disorders

Heavy legs ? Numb limbs? Nighttime cramps? Cold extremities? Varicose veins or swelling of the lower limbs? The functional signs of circulation disorders are often manifested by a feeling of heaviness, numbness and pain in the legs. In this article, discover naturopathic advice and treatments to relieve your circulatory disorders. Disorders related to poor venous … Read more

Heavy legs, natural solutions in herbal medicine


Heavy legs are a common syndrome , especially in women, and usually worsened with the heat of summer. If the hereditary factor exists, venous insufficiency is not inevitable. Herbal medicine indeed offers a range of remedies to relieve this phenomenon and the pain caused. Origins and symptoms of heavy legs and venous insufficiency Caused by valve dysfunction *, venous insufficiency is a poor … Read more