Preparing your body for slimming thanks to detox

Need to lose a few pounds or just want to refine your figure and feel better about yourself? Get in shape and start off on the right foot by opting for a cure slimming detox cure!

Soin et Nature provides you with ever more effective, healthy and easy-to-use food supplements to help you achieve your slimming goals. goals .

Saturated by a diet that is often too rich, our metabolism can no longer eliminate all the toxins that we have accumulated for years. Our eating habits, influenced by our environment and daily stress, tend to favor this reserve, often of fat and sugar, in our body. Weakened by pollution and overwhelmed by an often sedentary and stressful lifestyle; we find it difficult to recover from an unbalanced lifestyle. The slimming detox cure has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in getting rid of the impurities piled up in our body.

Steps to take to lose weight with a good detox

Before a detox program , it is important to already put in place good eating habits. A balanced diet reduces the risk of obesity , but also the recovery of its superfluous kilos. In order to maintain a normal weight, consuming fruit is strongly recommended. The polyphenols they contain have the ability to burn fat. They are also effective in limiting the accumulation of these in the liver and slowing down the proliferation of fat cells. Ellagic acid, one of the polyphenols in grapes, can dramatically decrease the growth of existing fat cells and reduce the formation of new ones. This mechanism can be used to stay healthy and keep your figure.

So remember to lighten your meals a few days before by avoiding overly rich dishes, meats, coffee, chocolate and alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, favor vegetable dishes. Immediately after the slimming detox cure , you must also keep this habit. A diet too rich in protein risks nullifying the benefits achieved and will expose you to stomach aches, liver attacks, bouts of fever and bloating. Only fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, are recommended in the first days following the end of the cure.

Dietary supplements to lose weight effectively

Weight gain is multifactorial. It can result from difficulty controlling snacking, water retention, digestive problems or too much fat absorption. Thanks to a combination of plants that each bring their benefits, slimming food supplements can effectively cleanse, lighten and sanitize our body. It is a product that contains nutrients that can supplement a diet. It may therefore be interesting to choose complete slimming ampoules to avoid taking several food supplements.

In your quest for slimming, opt for BIOCYTE Détox Bio , a dietary supplement to accelerate weight loss. DETOX BIO from Biocyte, having a drainage function, helps to evacuate toxins and unwanted fats . Birch extract, this very special plant has the mission of optimizing the functioning of the liver. Burdock, on the other hand, has a depurative effect which will facilitate the body’s elimination functions.

Take 1 phial per day diluted in 250 ml of water. Shake the ampoule before use. A slight deposit may form on the bulb, it is due to the presence of active ingredients of plant origin. Break the tips of the ampoule using a tissue and the tip turned out of the glass to prevent any falling debris.

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