Slimming down with medicinal plants is possible!

Medicinal plants can be of great help in losing weight naturally without straining your body. Taken as a complement to a food rebalancing, they allow you to lose weight, keep your figure and optimize your slimming capital.

To support you in your weight loss, we have selected four plants for you in different dosage forms.

Griffonia to lose weight without frustration :

The seeds of Griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia) contain 5-hydroxy-tryptophan, immediate precursor of serotonin, it induces all the biological effects of serotonin.
This part of the plant increases the activity of serotonin, which is involved in appetite, mood and sleep. It decreases appetite, increases the perception of fullness, and decreases BMI. Griffonia seeds are in fact used in insomnia, obesity, bulimia and various addictions.

This plant will be perfect for people who want to lose weight but for whom food is a source of comfort. It calms anxiety which can lead to food urges and the urge to snack between meals as a result.

Recommended dosage form :

Usual dosage and dosage: Drink 5ml of EPS diluted in a glass of water twice a day. Or 10ml per day. From 1 to 3 months renewable. In discontinuous cures, of limited duration and no more than 6 times a year.

Possible side effects and precautions for use :

  • Avoid in pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as in children.
  • Do not use in case of scleroderma.
  • Long-term treatment with 5-HTP can cause seizures in people with Down syndrome.
  • Risks of slight gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea in particular), generally temporary.
  • Not recommended for carcinoid tumors of the small intestine.
  • Depending on the dosage and sensitivity of the person, 5-HTP used alone could lead to reduced alertness and be dangerous when using machines or driving vehicles.
  • Taking into account the serotonergic mechanism of action of griffonia and the calming effect of griffonia, its use should be favored at the end of the day and in the evening, unless otherwise medically advised.
  • Due to the presence of 5-HTP in griffonia, interactions are possible with plants such as St. John’s Wort or drugs that modulate the level of serotonin: antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, etc.), serotonin antagonists (methysergide).
  • Scleroderma syndrome has been reported with the co-administration of 5-HTP and carbidopa. In fact, the association is not recommended.

Medicinal sage to lose weight without being hungry :

The sage (Salvia officinalis) is an appetite suppressant, it therefore calms excessive appetites, bulimia, and the intense desire for sweets. It is a lipolytic, digestive and diuretic plant, it helps detoxify the body. The officinal sage is indicated in bulimia and the successive abandonments of slimming diets.

Recommended dosage form :

Usual dosage and dosage: Drink a tablespoon of officinal sage hydrosol diluted in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach and half an hour before the midday meal. In cure of 21 days renewable after 1 week of stop.

Possible side effects and precautions for use :

  • After opening, keep in the refrigerator.
  • Use within 2 months after opening.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women internally, people with high blood pressure and people with hormone-dependent cancers.
  • Estrogenic effect in prolonged use.
  • Do not use more than 3 consecutive weeks, take a week break between each treatment of 2 or 3 weeks.

Mate to destock fat :

Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) has anti-obesity, anti-pancreatic lipase activity and reduces the absorption of glucose. It is indicated in significant weight gain.

Recommended dosage form :

Usual dosage and dosage: Pour 500ml of boiling water (remove from heat as soon as it boils) over 1c. of dry mate leaves, then cover. Leave to infuse for 5 to 15 minutes, filter and drink the herbal tea hot, after adding or not adding a little honey or natural syrup.

Possible side effects and precautions for use :

  • Potentially serious side effects with the ephedrine / caffeine mixture or with the synephrine / caffeine combination.
  • Genotoxic and mutagenic potential (oropharynx and esophagus).
  • Contraindicated in case of untreated arterial hypertension.
  • Avoid use in people with glaucoma.
  • In heavy consumers of foods, drinks and other products rich in caffeine (coffee, cola, tea, guarana, etc.), the cumulative effect of the molecule should be taken into account. As with other plants containing caffeine, mate should be consumed in moderation and with caution. Moreover, ANSES considers that the multiplication of sources of caffeine, in particular via so-called energy drinks, combined with the current consumption patterns of these drinks is likely to generate risky situations. The French agency recommends avoiding the consumption of so-called energy drinks in association with alcohol or during physical exercise, and, in general, to moderate their consumption. In some cases, she advises to be particularly vigilant with regard to caffeine intakes, in particular via energy drinks: this recommendation concerns pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, people sensitive to the effects of caffeine or presenting certain pathologies in particular certain cardiovascular, psychiatric and neurological disorders, renal insufficiency, severe hepatic diseases.
  • The caffeine in mate can interact with a large number of synthetic drugs (benzodiazepine, theophylline and bronchodilators, treatment of diabetes, diuretics, lithium, cimetidine, antacids, clozapine, monoamine oxidase – MAO inhibitors), alendronate, anticoagulants , antiplatelet agents, nicotine).

Atlas cedar to eliminate cellulite :

Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) has lymphotonic and diuretic properties. It causes the activation of lipolysis. It is indicated in cellulite and hydrolipodystrophy.

Recommended dosage forms :

Usual dosage and dosage: Apply the essential oil of Atlas cedarwood by massaging the areas affected by cellulite, diluted at 20% in rosehip vegetable oil. 2-3 times a day. Do not exceed 3 weeks of use.

Possible side effects and precautions for use :

  • Contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • For adults only.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Caution in people with autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, asthma, the elderly or with Parkinson’s, as well as people with neurosensitivity.
  • Risk of neurotoxicity which may induce epileptic seizures at high doses.
  • Do not diffuse, inhale, or put in the bath.
  • Cutaneous use only recommended.
  • Prohibited for internal use.



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