Cell Regenea: Nutrigenomics to slow premature cell ageing

Cellular ageing is a biological phenomenon that is attracting increasing interest because of its implications for health and quality of life. In this context, the Lifegen Cell Regenea Antioxidant dietary supplement from the Biocyte laboratory presents itself as an innovative solution based on nutrigenomics. This article examines the active ingredients of this product, the mechanisms … Read more

Anti-ageing skincare routine for pregnant women

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. However, the hormonal changes that occur can affect your skinmaking it more prone to dryness, pigmentation spots and premature ageing. Our guide to the “anti-ageing skincare routine for pregnant women” will give you expert advice on how to keep your skin looking radiant … Read more

What anti-ageing routine should you adopt after the age of 50?

After the age of 50, the skin begins to show visible signs of ageing due to various factors such as hormonal changes, exposure to UV rays, pollution and stress. So adopting an appropriate anti-ageing routine is crucial to maintaining healthy, radiant skin. It’s a combination of proper skincare, a healthy diet, exercise and a balanced … Read more

My secret for smooth, plump skin: Atoderm 2-in-1 Dry Body Oil

Who hasn’t dreamt ofsoft, smooth, well-moisturisedskin? It’s a quest we all embark on at some point. For my part, I’ve found my miracle solution, my little nugget: Atoderm 2-in-1 Dry Body Oil. Come with me as I take you on a journey of discovery and experience with this extraordinary product. Why has Atoderm 2-in-1 Body … Read more

IN & OUT Routine: A new way to look after your skin

The skin, that magnificent mirror of our health and well-being, requires constant, attentive care. In this context, the IN & OUT routine has become an indispensable element for those seeking radiant, healthy skin. The IN & OUT approach is a revolutionary method which focuses on looking after the skin on two levels: from the inside, … Read more

How can I boost my metabolism?

Boosting your metabolism is the holy grail of all “Healthy” and “Fit” influencers. However, the speed at which your body burns calories depends on a number of factors. Some people inherit a faster metabolism than others. In addition, men tend to burn more calories than women, even at rest. For most people, the metabolism slows … Read more

Vital Proteins is now available !

Vital Proteins has created a collagen powder whose reputation is well established. Whether in the field of health or fitness, all the “healthy” and “fit” enthusiasts are snatching up collagen-based food supplements. And for good reason! It is the most abundant protein in the body: collagen is a component of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and … Read more

What is collagen ?

Collagen is an essential protein for our bodies and is present in many tissues, from skin and bones to muscles, tendons and blood vessels. As we age, our production of collagen and collagen peptides naturally decreases, which can lead to loss of skin firmness, joint pain, brittle bones and reduced muscle mass. That’s why collagen … Read more