Oenobiol: A place of choice in the world of nutri-cosmetics

Since its creation in 1985, Oenobiol has never ceased to amaze the world with its choice beauty supplements. A pioneer in its field, it has created a wide range of products tocare for your skin, hair and body. And they work from the inside out. Its 30 years of experience have enabled it to develop … Read more

How can Ayurveda be used to improve skin health?

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine that uses herbs, spices and oils to improve health and well-being. Using the principles of Ayurveda, you can take care of your skin in a natural and effective way. In this article, we’ll explore how to improve skin health with ayurveda and the key principles for taking care of … Read more

Prevent chapping in winter

Every day,the skin is exposed to a variety of aggressions caused by the vagaries of the weather. The most recurrent during the winter period are chapped skin. Even though they are only small , superficial cracks, they are very annoying. What’s more, they have the unfortunate tendency to hurt a lot, especially when they come … Read more

What make-up to use for dry skin

When we wear even a little make-up, we feel bolder and more confident. Giving our face a glow, adding a little colour to our complexion, brings a sense of fulfilment. However, a a successful makeover requires the right products to suit the condition of our skin. When we have dry skin, our face tends to … Read more

Homeopathic remedy in the treatment of frostbite


Frostbite is an erythematous lesion on the fingertips that occurs when the skin is cold. They may be simple or lead to complications in the form of trophic disorders (ulcerations, nail damage). Caused by progressive and repeated vasoconstriction of the arterioles, these lesions are notably associated with vasodilation with stasis in the venules. They occur … Read more