Intestinal permeability: How to repair the intestines

Intestinal permeability, often referred to as ‘leaky gut’, is an increasingly studied concept in the field of gastroenterology and integrative medicine. This condition refers to a state in which the intestinal barrier, normally impermeable to certain substances, becomes more permeable. The intestinal barrier includes surface mucus, an epithelial layer and immune defences. Its main function … Read more

Cell Regenea: Nutrigenomics to slow premature cell ageing

Cellular ageing is a biological phenomenon that is attracting increasing interest because of its implications for health and quality of life. In this context, the Lifegen Cell Regenea Antioxidant dietary supplement from the Biocyte laboratory presents itself as an innovative solution based on nutrigenomics. This article examines the active ingredients of this product, the mechanisms … Read more

The benefits of cold therapy

Cold therapy, once an ancient healing and recovery practice recoveryhas become a popular topic of discussion in the world of health and well-being. From sports stars to holistic healers, many are advocating‘The Benefits of Cold Therapy’. So what’s all the fuss about? In this article, we’ll break it down and explain it in detail. Reduced … Read more

What is glutamine used for?

Glutamine, a fascinating and versatile amino acid, occupies a central place in the field of health and well-being. Essential for many bodily functions, it is attracting growing interest among researchers and health enthusiasts. But what exactly is the role of glutamine in our bodies, and how can it help to improve our overall health? In … Read more

The Paleo AIP diet in the management of autoimmune diseases

The AIP protocol is a dietary and lifestyle approach designed to reduce the intensity of symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases. Although studies on this protocol are still limited, many people who have followed this dietary method have seen a marked improvement in their general condition and a reduction in their symptoms. Autoimmune diseases An autoimmune … Read more

A homeopathic treatment to fight against Shingles

homeopathic treatment for shingles

Shingles is an infectious disease caused by the shingles-varicella virus, resulting in an eruption of large flaccid vesicles , with unilateral and root topography. This eruption is accompanied by lymphadenopathy and neuralgic sensory disturbances. It frequently leaves painful sequelae. We tend to think that chickenpox would be the primary viral infection and shingles an exogenous or endogenous reinfection. The period of onset … Read more

Boost your immunity with superfoods

Choose super foods to boost your immune system

Fruits, seeds, berries, vegetables and more, superfoods are increasingly taking over markets and plates. With a high nutritional value , healthy foods help to regulate our body . Antioxidant, detoxifying, revitalizing, the assets and effects are numerous and their effectiveness demonstrated. From goji berry to ginseng, including seaweed and kale, these concentrated nutrients allow a more balanced and healthy diet . Seeds and spices are also excellent sources of … Read more

The benefits of apitherapy on the immune system

The boom in natural medicines, known as alternative medicines, includes products from the hive, such as honey, royal jelly and propolis, which supplement conventional treatment of certain diseases, including support for the immune system. Discover the health benefits of apitherapy with hive products. Honey to boost your immune system Honey has been used since 4500 … Read more

The role of food supplements in antiviral immunity

All deficiencies in proteins, essential fatty acids, metalloenzymes, vitamin factors and antioxidant elements lead to a dysfunction of the immunity. The immune system, like any other system in the body, depends on adequate food intake and is very sensitive to nutritional deficits and imbalances. However, unlike other systems, the nutritional requirements of the immune system … Read more