Which nutritional supplement to choose for diabetes?

Are you diabetic? Do you want to look after your health in a natural way while alleviating your blood sugar problems? This article will explain which nutrients and food supplements can help you in your fight against diabetes. However, it is essential to remember that a food supplement is not designed to cure diabetes, but … Read more

Avoiding obesity: Tips for preparing our children’s snacks

In order to avoid the growing epidemic ofchildhood obesityin order to avoid the growing epidemic of obesity, it is important to look at what our children should eat rather than focusing on what they should not eat. Indeed, focusing on deprivation is not the best strategy for either a child or an adult. What is … Read more

Can eating disorders be treated with Naturopathy?

The naturopath is responsible for guiding patients in finding lifestyle and health solutions. Therefore, he helps to lead a healthier life. When it comes to eating disorders such as bulimia,binge eating oranorexia, it is important to realise that these are real diseases and not just eating habits. These eating disorders can lead to serious health … Read more

How to choose the right food supplement for digestion?

How to choose the right food supplement for digestion?

Bloating, nausea, gas, constipation, diarrhea… so many ailments that are indicative of poor digestion or medically called dyspepsia . On the shelves of organic stores and pharmacies abound various food supplements to facilitate digestion . Which one to choose ? Before supplementing, it is necessary to identify the cause and target the symptom(s). What is digestion? Digestion is a biological process responsible for … Read more

Hydration or nutrition? What to choose for my skin?

Hydration or nutrition? What to choose for my skin?

When it comes to taking care of the skin, the terms ” hydration ” or ” nutrition ” come up very often. However, it should be noted that there is a fairly large difference between these two practices. So how do you choose the right care for your skin? It’s simple. It’s like the body. When you are thirsty, you should drink water to … Read more

Recommended nutritional needs and intakes

Needs vary from one individual to another. Nutrients are used by the body to produce energy, make the basic building blocks of our cells and maintain chemical balances in the body. Gender, age, body type, genetic makeup and physical activity create different needs for each individual. The requirements for a given nutrient or energy are … Read more

Guide to food rebalancing, zoom on chrono-nutrition

Eating a balanced diet defines bringing the right foods at the right time according to the body’s needs. The principle is simple; all foods are allowed, however we must learn to consume them according to our energy needs and our body’s capacity to digest them and assimilate the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Approved by … Read more