All you need to know about coconut oil

Have you already discovered the secret behind coconut oil, this multi-faceted tropical treasure? In recent years, coconut oil has emerged as a staple in kitchen cupboards and beauty kits the world over. But what do we really know about this age-old natural remedy? In this article, we’re going to delve into the fascinating world of … Read more

Evening primrose oil and hormonal imbalance

Hormonal balance plays a crucial role in the harmonious functioning of our bodies. However, many factors can upset this delicate balance, leading to health problems such as hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can manifest itself in a number of ways, including menstrualirregularities, severepremenstrual symptoms, skinproblems and fertility disorders. Fortunately, certain naturalsolutions can help restore this delicate … Read more

Focus on calophyll oil

What is calophyllum oil? Also known as Calophyllum inophyllumcalophyllum inophyllum is aplant from a tropical tree. It is generally found in South Asia and Polynesia. But it is also possible to find it in other countries such as Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Madagascar or on the island of Réunion. It is also known as Galba, tamanu, … Read more

How should vegetable oils be used?

huile végétale

Vegetable oils or fats are oils extracted from seeds or other parts of fruits. Like animal fats, vegetable fats are actually mixtures of triglycerides(lipids). Soybean oil, grapeseed oil and cocoa butter are examples of seed oils, or fats from seeds. Then olive oil, palm oil and rice bran oil are examples of fats from other … Read more

Tamanu oil: a true miracle for your skin

Our bathrooms are full of skin care products. These cosmetics contain powerful ingredients that can improve the health and quality of our skin. We all know about the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid or ceramides, to name but two. However, there is another option for skin care: calophyllum vegetable oil. Tamanu oil has a proven track … Read more

What essential oils to use for my child?

Essential oils are generally not recommended for children under the age of 6. However, for the little ones, it is advisable to prefer hydrolats, vegetable oils or oily macerats for everyday ailments. Top 3 essential oils to use safely for my child over 6 years: The essential oil of Marjolaine with shells: Marjoram essential oil … Read more