Treat stress and anxiety with Gelsemium homeopathy granules

Gelsemium owes its name to Antoine-Laurent Jussieu , the famous French botanist (1748-1836), father of plant classification. Jussieu named it in reference to “ gelsomina ” which means jasmine in Italian. English speakers also call it “ Carolina Jasmin ” or Carolina jasmine .

Definition of Gelsemium

Gelsemium is a small climbing plant from America and Asia. It enjoys a certain popularity, but it is not its small yellow and delicate flower that pushes to cultivate it. Indeed, it would have good medicinal virtues , in particular to fight against stress .

Obtained from the root of the plant, gelsemium is used to fight against several ailments such as fever , flu- like symptoms (body aches, general fatigue, tremors) and stress .

Treat stress with Gelsemium granules

Gelsemium Homeopathy Granules can be used to treat neurological disorders, in particular states of stress, nervous fatigue or depression. It also facilitates sleep for people suffering from stress accompanied by insomnia. In order to use this homeopathic treatment properly, it is important to refer to a homeopathic practitioner. The indicative dosage consists of taking 5 granules in 15 CH each time stress is felt during the day. To help sleep, the remedy can be taken in 7 CH, at the rate of 5 granules at bedtime.

Without a mandatory medical prescription, gelsemium can be taken in different ways:

  • In case of acute conditions , take this remedy several times a day until the symptoms improve, then gradually space out the doses gradually.
  • In case of chronic conditions , it is necessary to favor low dilutions (for example 9CH) and to take them less frequently: from once a day to once a week, or even once a month.

Gelsemium can also be taken in the form of drops thanks to the L70 Gelsemium Nervousness and Hyperemotivity complex .

It is above all up to the therapist to correctly prescribe the dosage , according to the patient and his pathology. Gelsemium homeopathic tablets are completely non-toxic. Pregnant women, for example, can take it without there being any known risk for the child.

Other homeopathic medicines to treat anxiety and stress

Ignatia Amara 30 CH :

This drug is indicated in case of stress, accompanied by palpitations and spasms: lump in the throat, sobs, abdominal spasms, sighs. When, for example, there is a paradoxical behavior like “going from laughter to tears”.

Argentum Nitricum 15 CH :

This drug is indicated when one is agitated, precipitated by his stress. When one would like to have finished before even starting, the patient may present a diarrheal tendency, belching induced by his haste to eat.

Staphysagria 15 CH :

This medication is used in subjects with psychosomatic manifestations induced by an emotional disorder, in a context of vexation, failure or injustice (contained anger).

The causes of stress

Stress corresponds to a state of tension caused by imbalances of physical, psychic or emotional origins . Identifying the causes of stress begins by observing how you live. Stress can come from the external environment: too much pressure at work and overwork, pollution and the pace of life in big cities, etc. Stress can also be linked to a poor lifestyle: consumption of stimulants (coffee, tea, sugar), drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis) and excess of all kinds (too much fatty and salty foods).

If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to find the precise symptoms and causes of your stress to obtain appropriate medical advice.



Arnaud. C. (Doctor of Pharmacy)

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