The role of homeopathy in the management of excess emotions

Homeopathy and children’s emotional intelligence (agitation, anxiety, anger, jealousy, …)

The first years of life are a key period in the physical and psychological development of a child. In particular, he will learn to analyze and channel his emotions. A young child’s emotional outbursts stem from his inability to express them and can indeed result in excessive behavior that does not allow parents to identify the true emotion.

What is the role of homeopathy in emotions?

Homeopathy, based on attentive listening to the child but also to those around him, is a considerable asset in the care of children as a whole. Medication
homeopathic agents can provide an effective and safe solution as they have no side effects and are not addictive.

Of course, homeopathy will not transform the child, but, properly chosen, homeopathic medicine can provide a comprehensive response to the child’s situation and help him and his parents to overcome his difficulties.

During the consultation, the doctor endeavors to collect a large number of pieces of information: the description of the symptoms and how they worsen or improve, the aetiology (anything that can trigger a symptom, a behavior or a illness), the most precise knowledge of the child (personal history, character traits) and his family background.

The determination of homeopathic medicines requires this precision of descriptions in order to respond to the numerous and varied indications that may concern the behavior of the child.

Homeopathic medical material, by its richness of content, offers a different treatment depending on whether the child is:

  • Restless, always on the move and unhappy, angry
  • Restless, fearful, hypersensitive
  • Capricious, always in a bad mood
  • Capricious, with anger of frustration that he cannot express
  • Distracted, little motivated by school, making a lot of reading and writing mistakes
  • Afraid, very shy, likes to play alone in his corner, with any object
  • Child who cries at the slightest annoyance or difficulty. Unable to do things in
  • Very changeable child: morose for no reason, becoming happy the next moment
  • Violent child, subject to night terrors
  • Etc.

This approach, which is both global (the child is appreciated from a physical, psychological and emotional point of view) and individualized, characterizes homeopathy, which frees itself from standardization of care. However, there are homeopathic medicines which combine several strains, which in fact are less targeted but which can nevertheless remedy certain symptoms due to emotions in children.

Did you know ?

There is a homeopathic treatment suitable for children from 1 year old, in the form of a sublingual tablet indicated in anxiety and emotional states and minor sleep disorders.

The recommended dosage is 2 tablets 3 times a day.

Children under 6 years old: dissolve the tablets in a little water, because of the risk of taking the wrong route.

There is also a homeopathic treatment suitable for children from 1 year old, in the form of a syrup in case of temporary nervousness and minor sleep disorders.

The recommended dosage is a dose of 5 ml, using the measuring cup, in the morning and in the evening.

If the symptoms persist, the treatment should be re-evaluated according to a medical opinion.

This article gives information as an example, other solutions are possible. It is preferable to consult a health professional to define the galenic, the dosage and the dosage of the treatment.

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