Zero waste cosmetic operation!

Coming from organic cosmetics and slow cosmetics, zero waste cosmetics aims to consume intelligently to reduce, or even eliminate, almost all waste from beauty products. When we talk about waste, we are talking about packaging and over-packaging related to cosmetics that are harmful to the environment.

This is why many cosmetic industries are moving towards more efficient manufacturing techniques aimed at reducing the impact of the hygiene and beauty routine on the environment by reducing the amount of waste produced.

Adopt the zero waste and solid cosmetics trend

More than just a trend, zero waste cosmetics is an initiative that responds to ecological issues that concern absolutely all living beings on the planet. This is the best way to get rid of bad consumption habits, which produce far too much pollution. Adopting the zero waste trend means taking care of yourself while taking care of the planet .

In addition, zero waste cosmetics are formulated and manufactured in such a way as to adapt to each type of skin , even the most sensitive. Thus, some dermocosmetic products are free of essential oils to suit pregnant and breastfeeding women . They are sold in recycled, recyclable and/or reusable packaging , to put an end to the overproduction and rejection in nature of plastics from beauty products . In this sense, zero waste cosmetics are a real eco -responsible solution .

Sustainable beauty with organic and solid cosmetics

To move towards zero waste , it is necessary to choose products containing the least possible packaging (biodegradable or recyclable), to choose care that lasts a long time, hence the origin of solid cosmetics.

Say goodbye to ingredients that irritate, attack or dry out the epidermis and scalp and opt for Maison Berthe Guilhem Organic Solid Shampoo for Dry Hair .

Indeed, dry hair accumulates the problems. Using products enriched with nutritive active ingredients is essential to beautify the hair fiber, sheath and repair the hair.

Made cold from alpine goat’s milk, shea butter and argan oil, this solid shampoo improves hair hydration for a soft, silky and revitalized effect.

Various brands have made zero waste their trademark. Thus, Care and Nature offers Lamazuna Red Zero Waste Box . This red zero gift box from Lamazuna brings together the beauty essentials for a zero waste bathroom.

This poplar box contains four vegan, natural products that can be used by both women and men.

  • Normal Hair Solid Shampoo: This solid shampoo is 100% natural and vegan. Delicately scented with silver fir, your hair regreases less quickly than with a classic shampoo.
  • The Oriculi: The ecological bamboo ear cleaner will replace your cotton swabs for life! Unlike cotton swabs, the ear cleaner prevents plug formation.
  • Peppermint toothpaste: this solid toothpaste is 100% vegan and natural. It will give you a pleasant feeling of freshness.
  • The solid deodorant: 100% natural and vegan. Based on essential oil of Palmarosa in order to nibble the bacteria, the perspiration is then made odorless.

Living in zero waste mode is a strong trend this year. Discover other organic and natural products, useful and at a good price on Soin et Nature.

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