Ricinus communis’ castor oil: A miracle anti-ageing beauty remedy?

Castor oil, extracted from the seeds of the‘Ricinus communis‘ plant, is renowned for its many virtues, particularly when it comes to skin care. Its richness in essential fatty acids and vitamin E makes it an ingredient of choice in the world of cosmetics. But is it really a miracle cure for skin and hair? This … Read more

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La Rosée: Natural cosmetics and eco-responsibility

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Traditional Japanese medicine: from ancient practices to modern innovations

In 2002, Honso USA introduced itsKampo herbal formulations to healthcare professionals in the United States. These products have a long history of being prescribed by Japanese doctors over several decades. Researchers undertook clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of Kampo herbal formulations. A study was conducted on Honso Sho-saiko-to (H09) to treat hepatitis C at … Read more

Poisonous plants: A complete guide to avoiding the dangers in your garden

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Black Friday 2024 Selection: It’s time to have fun!

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Slugging is a method skin care straight from South Korea that is gaining in popularity. This technique involves applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly, more commonly known as Vaseline, to the skin to retain moisture and help repair the skin. This guide explores the benefits of slugging for the skin and uses scientific data … Read more

Thyme Linalool essential oil: an aromatic elixir of gentle natural power

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Fresh breath of eucalyptus radiata: a journey to the heart of its essence

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Cypress Elixir : Natural harmony in essential oil

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Celery essential oil: Benefits and uses

Welcome to the fascinating world of aromatherapy, where each essence reveals its secrets. Today, we’re exploring one of nature’s treasures: celery essential oil. This plant extract, derived from celery(Apium graveolens), a plant in the Apiaceae family, is packed with health and well-being benefits. Prized for its digestive, detoxifying and even anti-cancer properties, celery essential oil … Read more

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