ABBI, artificial intelligence for your skin

When it comes to cosmetics, the shelves of drugstores are full of options. But are these products really the solution to YOUR skin problems? ABBI has set out to create cosmetics that are 100% personalised and adapted to YOUR skin. Since each person is unique, we must choose our products according to our own needs. ABBI has therefore put artificial intelligence at the service of YOUR skin!

The origin of ABBI

As a biochemist, Joanna, the co-creator of ABBI, realised one day that we all have different needs when it comes to skin problems. So she wanted to create a cream for everyone that was as natural as possible. Giving up her job as a clinical research associate at the Croix Rousse hospital, she was able to devote herself fully to the ABBI adventure.

ABBI: A brand with great values

Their first challenge is to take care of your skin, thanks to their patented technology, they will offer you a personalised and unique cream to meet the specific needs of your skin. Its development is based on the SkanMySkin diagnosis, which is proven to be reliable. In addition, it is an eco-responsible and natural brand. Indeed, the creams are composed of +95% natural formulas. In fact, they do not contain any controversial ingredients and are delivered with as little cardboard packaging as possible, in order to preserve our planet. Finally, their products are made in France! Yes, all their products are made in France, in their laboratory in the Rhône-Alpes region. All of these products are carefully prepared one by one by the preparers.

SkanMySkin, the birth of artificial intelligence

ABBI has created and patented ‘SkanMySkin’. As a real artificial intelligence module, it offers a skin diagnosis. In fact, Skan My Skin analyses 20 areas of the face according to 7 specific criteria:

Thanks to this analysis, the module will establish a diagnosis based on the composition of each of the facial areas. This way, you will get a treatment that is 100% adapted to your skin’s needs.

Artificial intelligence at the service of your skin

The principle of the self-administered questionnaire is imperfect because no one is objective when it comes to their own body. However, the reliability of the diagnosis will determine the effectiveness of the treatment. The principle of the selfie, integrated by all, fits perfectly with ABBI’s approach. This artificial intelligence module has proven its reliability beyond their expectations.

ABBI, efficiency & reliability

A trial on a test group was carried out in partnership with a dermatologist at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. As a result, ABBI’s diagnosis was consistent with that of the dermatologist in 97% of cases!

Is ABBI suitable for my sensitive skin?

Creating products adapted to all skin types was the main challenge for the brand. ABBI wanted to create an inclusive principle. A mixed concept, adapted to white, Eurasian, mixed race and black skin. All this for a personalised, natural and not elitist cosmetic.

A selfie in exchange for a diagnosis

A remote test allows you to obtain a diagnosis without obligation. Indeed, the data collected in this way remains confidential. In fact, it will not be marketed in any way. The selfie taken and sent by the consumer online will allow ABBI to deliver a diagnosis that will not be visible to our operators. A true professional secret! This diagnosis will then be sent directly to the person responsible for manufacturing the personalised cream. Following this stage, ABBI will be able to offer to produce a 100% tailor-made product, full of concentrated active ingredients. In short, ABBI is the cosmetics of the future, responding exclusively to the needs of YOUR skin!


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