Getting to grips with daylight saving time

If the transition to summer time marks the arrival of good weather, it is generally accompanied by a big blow of fatigue. On the night of Saturday March 26 to Sunday March 27, 2022, i.e. at 2 a.m., you will have to advance the hands of your watch by one hour. In short, one hour of sleep lost from the 8 hours of recommended rest. However, this time advancement, although confusing, allows you to take advantage of the beautiful days even more. The sun will set later in the evening and you will be able to benefit from natural light for longer. France will remain on summer time for 7 months, from the end of March to the end of October.

To help you better manage this time change , Soin et Nature gives you some advice and tips.

The transition to summer time, how to prepare for it?

As the transition to summer time approaches , it is important to anticipate this change. In particular by starting to shift his alarm clock a week before. Waking up 30 minutes earlier for 4 days is ideal for better preparing for the disruption of your schedule. On D-Day, this will allow us to face this new rhythm more calmly.

The transition to summer time is all the more thorny with family and/or professional constraints. Early risers, late risers or evening people, daily life and the rhythm are turned upside down. Poorly prepared for the time change, signs of time mismatch appear. The problems that come up most often in this context are irritability, lack of punctuality, fatigue, mood swings and sleep disturbances… Indeed, the transition to summer timemay cause transient sleep disturbances. This affects groups of fragile people, such as the elderly or children… To fix this, it is advisable to gradually adopt the new rhythm before the effective time change. A gentle solution to enjoy the beautiful seasons to come.

Successful transition to summer time thanks to food supplements

To successfully transition to summer time , it is recommended to start getting a good night’s sleep as soon as possible. But in case of difficulty falling asleep, food supplements can be a good ally to optimize your health.

Many people experience difficulty sleeping due to time changes. To remedy this, many are changing their sleep routine and decreasing their caffeine intake. However, these lifestyle interventions are slow to deliver the expected results.

With INOVANCE Noctivance Melatonin 30 capsules , get around the small inconveniences associated with the time change. This food supplement based on melatonin, amino acids, vitamins and zinc, is the ideal solution for difficulty falling asleep and nocturnal awakenings.

During daylight saving time, the day extends until later in the evening. This light bonus delays falling asleep and can cause difficulty in falling asleep. The NMC’Lab LaviLab Sublingual Spray Flash Sleep Solution is the natural solution for finding better sleep in all circumstances. A spray under the tongue 5 minutes before falling asleep is enough.

Does the time change stress you out and affect your morale? Soin et Nature offers you anti-stress food supplements , perfect for fighting anxiety and helping to balance your mood.

Sunsets at 5:30 p.m. wear you down and you feel tired day by day? Opt for energy gummies : a combination of ginseng, guarana and vitamin C. They help visibly reduce fatigue, allowing you to stay positive and smiling until winter.

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