How to choose your food supplement to sleep better?

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep… 14,598 sheep,… Having trouble sleeping? A night can seem like an eternity when sleep becomes hard to find. This long and frustrating struggle is usually followed by a whole other challenge; the next day when you have trouble staying awake. When nocturnal awakenings and insomnia punctuate our nights, we find it difficult to stay calm. The inability to get to sleep, whether transient or chronic, can negatively affect many aspects of our lives. Far from being inevitable, several solutions are available to you, in particular food supplements .

Why do we have trouble sleeping?

The lack or poor quality of sleep is usually linked to a dysfunction in the body. The interdependence between body and mind plays a fundamental role here.

The psychological disorders : Depression, stress and anxiety can cause particularly significant reactions on the body to the point of affecting the quality of sleep . This difficulty sleeping can itself become a source of stress, making it more difficult to break the cycle of stress and insomnia. Gradually, insomnia became the main problem .

The chronic disease : People with chronic pain are regularly prone to sleep disorders . Asthma or arthritis attacks, for example, inevitably cause difficulty sleeping or forced awakenings.

The environmental causes : Noise, light, bedding, exposure to cold or heat, … cause a disruption of sleep patterns. These disturbances affect physiological and psychological functions, which, in turn, can handicap the quality and duration of our nights.

Habits and routines related to our lifestyle: Keeping the brain stimulated until late in the evening or taking a nap in the late afternoon can disrupt the rhythm of sleep. In addition, meals that are too large or spicy, bad for the digestive process, can also cause sleep problems when eaten late.

How to get back to sleep?

For cases of occasional or transient insomnia, medical treatment is not essential. The correction of bad habits and a correct environmental usually enough to provide a peaceful and relaxing nights. In addition, today there are herbal teas of plants such as verbena, lime or lemon balm to help you fall asleep.

You can also opt for food supplements , safer than conventional sleeping pills and less risk to health:

The NMC’Lab LaviLab Sublingual Spray Flash Sleep Solution is a food supplement that allows you to find a soft and peaceful night a few minutes after its use. Presented in the form of an emulsion, this format allows it to have a rapid effect on the body. It is the ideal solution for those who are not followers of the tablets. Melatonin helps regulate the sleep pattern and brings rapid sleep. Its natural composition will not leave you with side effects or addiction.

INOVANCE Noctivance Melatonin 30 capsules is specially formulated to provide restful sleep . These capsules contain melatonin, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as nuts, which are naturally rich in melatonin. They promote falling asleep and improve all phases of sleep . It is the ideal dietary supplement if you are going on a trip with anticipation of jet lag. These capsules are without risk of overdose or addiction.

L-NOXEAM NHCO Sleep Sleeping 56 capsules is a food supplement developed by NHCO Nutrition laboratories to combat sleep problems due to stress, a shifted pace, a dietary imbalance or hormonal changes. Associating melatonin with three exclusive complexes based on amino acids and plants, this food supplement acts effectively on sleep disorders and falling asleep. It also contains magnesium which contributes to the functioning of the nervous system and to reduce fatigue.

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