Herbal tea of ​​the month: Light legs goal

To relieve the feeling of heavy legs that comes with the first heat, nature has secrets to share with you. With rising temperatures, summer is a season that particularly affects people with venous insufficiency. So, when the beautiful season arrives, it is important to be particularly vigilant.

In summer, to maintain a stable body temperature, blood circulation increases, thereby promoting dilation of the veins. Except that it is precisely this dilation that causes these feelings of heaviness in the legs that we can feel. The idea is therefore to strengthen our muscle pump by moving enough all year round of course, and especially when the temperatures are warmer. In fact, prolonged and sustained physical activity helps promote blood circulation and strengthen the essential link between muscles and veins. So why not combine business with pleasure by practicing aquagym for example or even aqua bike?

We will probably never repeat it enough too, but in summer, we must also hydrate enough! In any case, the right gestures should be adopted all year round because a healthy lifestyle helps us to fight against these feelings of heavy legs but also helps to preserve our health in many other respects. For example, we know that overweight increases the risk of varicose veins, but is also responsible for many ailments: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers can be attributed to overweight and obesity.

This is why Soin et Nature has selected for you this circulatory herbal tea to promote light legs and whose composition is:

Blackcurrant :

Blackcurrant has a favorable action on venous circulation and microcirculation. It is indicated in microcirculatory vascular pathologies, as well as arterial hypertension.

Precautions for use :

  • Contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Reserved for adults
  • Contraindicated in heart or kidney disease
  • Risk of drug interactions with synthetic diuretics and IUDs (Ask your pharmacist for advice)

The red vine :

According to the EMA, the use of red vine is scientifically well established to treat chronic venous insufficiency and its manifestations, such as swollen legs, varicose veins, feeling of heaviness, pain, fatigue in the legs, itching, tension and cramps in the calves. Red vine leaves are traditionally used to symptomatically relieve manifestations of discomfort and heaviness in the legs associated with minor disturbances in venous circulation, as well as itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids and capillary fragility of the skin, after serious illness has been ruled out by a doctor.

Red vine has a favorable effect on blood circulation during venous insufficiency.

Precautions for use :

  • Caution in pregnant women
  • Contraindicated in simultaneous administration with anticoagulant treatments or antiplatelet drugs


Several studies agree that drinking hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. In addition, this drink has anti-inflammatory properties that improve blood flow.

Orange bitter orange:

The leaves of the Bitter Orange Tree have draining properties, which allows better elimination of toxins.

We advise you to consume this circulatory herbal tea once or twice a day. Pour in boiling water, let steep 10 to 15 minutes before drinking. The Infusion should be prepared at the time of use.

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