How can I buy pollen and other beehive products at the best price from a chemist?

Products from the hive, nature’s treasures, are attracting growing interest because of their wealth of health-giving substances. Honey, royal jelly and pollen offer a multitude of benefits, each with its own unique properties. Their age-old use and current popularity are testament to their effectiveness and exceptional nutritional value. Choosing an online pharmacy to purchase these precious products not only guarantees their authenticity and purity, but also offers access to sound professional advice. This article explores why choosing an online pharmacy to purchase these gems from the hive is the best option for preserving and optimising your health and well-being.

What are the benefits of hive products?

Hive products, such as honey, propolis and royal jelly, offer a multitude of health benefits, confirmed by recent research.

Honey is well known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It has been used since ancient times in traditional medicine for its various functions, including antibacterial, antitumour, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. These properties are partly due to its composition, which is rich in compounds such as flavonoids and other antioxidants.

Propolis, another precious substance produced by bees, has significant health benefits. It is renowned for its antimicrobial properties, helping in the treatment of various infections. In addition, recent studies indicate that propolis may have a potential role in protecting against oxidative damage and may even play a role in combating certain types of cancer.

Royal jelly, meanwhile, is renowned for its beneficial effects on longevity and general health. Studies on animal models have shown that royal jelly and its components can promote healthy ageing and extend lifespan. These effects are probably due to its unique components, such as the fatty acids and proteins specific to royal jelly.

In conclusion, these products of the hive are not only nutritious foods but also potentially beneficial components for various aspects of human health, ranging from wound healing to protection against infection and support for healthy ageing.

What is pollen used for?

Bee pollen is a remarkable nutritional and therapeutic compound, used historically both for its therapeutic virtues and as a food. It is made up of plant pollen and bee secretions, giving it an exceptional wealth of bioactive compounds, including proteins, amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols.

These components give bee pollen beneficial properties for health, particularly in terms of antioxidant activity, the fight against inflammation and anti-cancer potential. Indeed, the presence of polyphenols in bee pollen gives it anti-inflammatory properties, while phytosterols and fatty acids play a role in the fight against cancer. In addition, its polysaccharides stimulate immunological activity.

In addition to these aspects, bee pollen has been linked to the prevention and treatment of various diseases thanks to its richness in antioxidants derived from its diet. Studies on the bioactive activities of bee pollen and bee bread indicate that stimulating apoptosis and inhibiting cell proliferation could be one of the main adjuvant therapeutic effects to be explored for reducing tumour growth.

Can I buy quality pollen from an online pharmacy?

Not only is it possible to buy pollen from an online pharmacy, it’s also a practical and effective way of obtaining this superfood with its many benefits. Known for its invigorating and strengthening properties, pollen is an excellent supplement for supporting the immune system and improving the general condition of the body.

On our online pharmacy, you’ll find carefully selected products like“Naturactive Pollen Echinacea Bio“. This dietary supplement combines the virtues of pollen with those of echinacea, a plant renowned for boosting the immune system. It is ideal for preventing and relieving infections, particularly those of the ENT sphere, from the first cold days of winter.

Superdiet’s“Gelée Royale Miel Pollen Bio” is another excellent choice. Combining royal jelly, the exclusive food of the queen bee, with acacia honey and organic pollen, this product is a real concentrate of energy and well-being. It supports the body’s natural defences, helps reduce fatigue and boosts energy levels.

What are the best products from the hive available in pharmacies?

Next,“Santarome Bio Manuka Royal Royal Jelly Pollen Propolis” also combines the benefits of royal jelly, pollen and organic propolis, with the addition of Manuka honey, known for its healing properties. This supplement is ideal for those looking to boost their immunity and improve their general condition.

Finally, for those concerned about their respiratory comfort and immunity,“Superdiet Pin Miel Pollen Immunité Confort Respiratoire Bio” is a perfect option. Formulated with ingredients such as pine, eucalyptus, royal jelly, pollen and propolis, this food supplement supports natural defences and contributes to respiratory comfort.

In conclusion, our online pharmacy offers a diverse range of pollen-based products, each designed to meet specific needs. Whether it’s to boost immunity, support the respiratory system or simply improve general well-being, you’ll find a product to suit your needs. These natural, organic food supplements are an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of products from the hive.

Are hive products genuine and pure in pharmacies?

When it comes to buying products from the hive, quality is paramount to guarantee their effectiveness and safety of use. That’s why we recommend that you turn to reputable pharmacies that are committed to meeting strict quality standards. Pharmacies are required to comply with strict regulations and standards concerning the quality of the hive products they offer their customers. These regulations guarantee that the products are genuine and pure, free from harmful contaminants. By choosing to buy your hive products from a pharmacy, you can be sure of receiving high-quality , safe and effective products.

Do pharmacists offer professional advice on hive products?

As well as the quality guarantee, buying hive products from a pharmacy offers a number of additional advantages. As well as guaranteeing the authenticity and purity of the products, pharmacies also offer professional advice and personalised support from pharmacists. These health experts can provide advice on the best ways to use hive products to maximise their health benefits. So by choosing to buy from a pharmacy, you not only benefit from quality products, but also from professional support to meet your specific needs.

How do I store hive products bought in pharmacies?

To ensure that hive products are kept in optimum condition and maintain their beneficial properties, we recommend that our customers follow appropriate storage advice.

  • Honey, a natural treasure rich in amino acids and other nutrients, should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality and prevent crystallisation. This method of preservation is particularly important for pregnant women and people seeking to combat fatigue, as honey can be used as a natural food supplement.
  • Royal jelly, known for its many health benefits, including reducing hot flushes, should also be stored under similar conditions. Inadequate storage could alter its unique nutritional qualities.

As for pollen, which is the male seed of flowers harvested by bees, it is essential to store it correctly to maintain its richness in pollen grains. To optimise the benefits of pollen as a dietary supplement, it is advisable to store it in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, to keep its beneficial properties intact. It is important to note that, although pollen harvested by bees is an excellent food supplement, it can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Can we eat products from the hive after their expiry date?

Honey and bee pollen, two of nature’s treasures, enjoy a reputation for being long-lasting and rich in nutrients. However, the question often arises: can they be consumed beyond their use-by date?

In the case of honey, its unique nature often allows it to remain edible long after its use-by date. Thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, honey can be kept for many years, even decades, when stored in the right conditions (cool, dry and away from direct light). It’s an incredibly durable product that, even after its use-by date, often retains its flavour and health benefits.

Can I eat expired pollen?

Bee pollen also has a long shelf life, especially if stored correctly. We recommend keeping it in the fridge or even freezing it to extend its shelf life. Bee pollen is a concentrated source of nutrients, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Even after the expiry date, if storage conditions have been respected, pollen can retain much of its nutritional qualities.

It is important to note that, although these products may remain fit for consumption after their best before date, it is essential to inspect them visually and olfactory for any signs of deterioration.

For those looking to shop responsibly and ecologically, our online pharmacy offers a selection of products and food supplements with short use-by dates in our anti-waste clearance section. This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of these incredible products at great prices, while helping to reduce waste. Every purchase is a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a way to enjoy the countless benefits of these products from the hive.

Pollen FAQ

1. What is pollen? Pollen is a fine powder produced by the stamens of flowers. It contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

2. What are the health benefits of pollen? Pollen is renowned for its nutritional properties and numerous health benefits. Not only that, it can help boost the immune system, improve energy and vitality, support cardiovascular health and relieve allergy symptoms.

3. How to eat pollen Pollen can be eaten directly, in the form of granules or powder, or added to smoothies, yoghurts or cereals. We recommend starting with small quantities to avoid allergic reactions.

4. Is pollen safe for everyone? Although pollen is generally safe for most people, it can trigger allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals. In fact, it’s important to consult a health professional before starting to consume it, especially for pregnant women, children and people with allergies.

5. Where can I find quality pollen? Quality pollen can be found in online pharmacies and specialist shops. What’s more, it’s important to choose a product from a reliable source and to check its quality and purity.


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