How to get rid of blackheads?

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The blackheads ruin not only your skin but also your days. Also called “open comedones”, they most often appear in the T zone of the face which includes: the forehead, nose, and chin. Where do they come from ? How to get rid of it permanently and above all, which products to use? Let’s do a check in.

Why is the T zone the most affected?

The T zone is the part of the face the most exposed and therefore, the one which suffers the full brunt of the insults of time. Among the culprits, there is first of all the rays of the sun . To protect against it, the skin produces a large amount of sebum in order to regulate the temperature on the surface. By mixing with dead cells, sebum thickens. Then it blackens by oxidizing on contact with air. This excess material ends up clogging the pores to turn into blackheads.

The same goes for the changes of seasons . Cold, for example, attacks the epidermis: the skin is dry, which reduces microcirculation and stimulates the production of sebum in order to offer the epidermis an additional protective layer. Then, during the off-season when temperatures sometimes vary from one extreme to another during the same day, the skin’s natural protection mechanisms go into a panic. Result: all kinds of skin imperfections appear, blackheads including …

Other comedogenic factors

The climate is not the only culprit, however. There are physiological conditions and cosmetics responsible for the excessive formation of blackheads :

  • Hormones: the hormonal changes that occur naturally or linked to a treatment of hormone therapy (puberty, menopause , birth control pills …) generate an overproduction of sebum and promote the birth of blackheads.
  • Comedogens: some dermocosmetics accentuate the proliferation of open comedones by their composition. PEGS, silicones and mineral oil-based greases in particular are known for their high comedogenicity . We can easily avoid them by adopting natural cosmetics which do not contain them.
  • The abuse of stripping products (scrubs, soaps, cleansers, etc.) which irritate and / or dry out the skin activates the protection of the epidermis which is none other than the production of sebum .
  • Pollution: when you have very large pores, the impurities in the atmosphere are often enough to create blackheads . It is more exactly the accumulation of dirt mixed with sebum and trapped in the pores.

Getting rid of blackheads: do and don’t

Never remove your open comedones yourself:

The universal reflex is to root out the black point as soon as it is discovered. However, the extraction of an open comedone must obey strict steps and rules of hygiene . Otherwise, we are exposed to complications ranging from inflammation to infection, not to mention unsightly scars . The skin cleansing to eliminate blackheads is to be carried out in an institute, by a beautician. This professional usually begins by dilating the pores with a facial sauna or a damp towel poultice. Then it removes the blackheads by pressure .

Treatments to optimize institute visits:

To facilitate the elimination of blackheads and especially to prevent their reappearance, one can completely turn to anti-acne treatments intended to reduce hyperkeratosis (excessive thickening of the superficial layer of the epidermis). Dedicated to combination to oily skin and formulated with fruit acids or salicylic acid, the HYSÉAC ranges from Uriage , Sebiaclear from SVR , but also the CYTOLNAT acne care cream Cytolac promise clear, hydrated but mattified skin and flawless. Go to Soin et Nature, your online bio pharmacy!

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