How to make a first aid kit before going on vacation?

When we think of holidays , we think of escape, we think of new adventures, we think of looks… In short, we think of well-being! But let’s face it, between the choice of destination, accommodation, activities, expenses… our sense of organization is put to the test. Thinking of everything can become stressful to the point of ignoring more important: health and safety !

To deal with the little unforeseen events that could spoil your stay, find out how to make a first aid kit for travel .

1. Compose your first aid kit according to the destination

Before making a list of essentials to put in your first aid kit , do some research in advance on where you will be staying. The climate, hygienic conditions, activities, culinary trends, etc. You can then use the information collected to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Since they are familiar with your medical records , these healthcare professionals are in a good position to help you choose the most suitable first aid products and devices . Depending on the region of destination, certain products also (mosquito repellent, water purifiers, etc.)

2. Think about your personal needs for the contents of the first aid kit

Update your personal list, including your current treatments, especially if you have chronic illnesses . Asthma , arterial hypertension , allergies , diabetes , but also your contraception and hygienic protection . In some countries, accessing health care can be difficult. Also, it is advisable to anticipate.

3. First aid kit for the holidays: the basics

Your personalized checklist is now complete. However, to be a real ally in unexpected situations , here are the fundamentals to add:

Useful accessories:

An unbreakable thermometer , cotton wool, hand sanitizer, tweezers , scissors, flashlight, matches or a lighter.

Treatment against migraine:

The headaches are common coin during environmental changes . To relieve this discomfort, solutions such as the headache roller from Puressentiel are available. This natural treatment with 9 essential oils is as effective as it is practical with its travel size , ideal for a holiday kit.

A rapid pain reliever:

The pain relief gel with essential oils from Nociceptol is also an ally to treat minor accidents. This thermal-effect gel soothes muscle and / or post-traumatic pain . Contusion, strain, sprain … A small massage with this treatment quickly relieves painful areas .

An anti-spasmodic:

Stomach aches can be treated in different ways. The complex of essential oils like Comptoir Aroma Oil Chamomile Roman Organic Essential soothes and stimulates digestion. The chamomile it contains is a natural calming and sedative. This treatment is multi-use to naturally relieve us of many ailments.

An antiemetic:

Against motion sickness , anti-nausea drugs are to be expected. Fortunately, Phytosun Aroms organic peppermint essential oil is renowned for its stomachic properties . The nux vomica boiron granules are particularly effective in digestive discomfort.

Wound treatment:

If you have a cut, bite, or injury , you need an antiseptic , sterile compresses, and adhesive plaster . It is also advisable to bring an ointment or gel for first degree burns and dressings for any blisters.

Insect repellents:

To avoid serving as a buffet for all kinds of Diptera, creams and lotions, sprays or even mosquito bracelets are your allies. That said, if you forget to do without your repellent before bed, a soothing anti-itch cream will give you relief from insect bites. In particular, you can use Puressentiel Anti Pique Roller Soothing Bites with 11 Essential Oils . Antiseptic and soothing, it is ideal for treating mosquito bites.

Sun protection:

It’s a must-have for your summer vacation first aid kit. Whether in the form of cream, oil or spray, sun protection is essential for a successful holiday. Sun protection as well as after-sun moisturizers that will pamper your tanned skin!

Preparing a first aid kit for the holidays: choosing the right container

Knowing that it contains your personal effects and products sensitive to shocks, humidity and temperature variations, the perfect first aid kit must be airtight and sufficiently robust to preserve the quality of your products and first aid equipment! One tip is to give preference to drugs in Solid form (tablets, hard capsules, granules, etc.), as they are less sensitive to humidity. For creams and sprays, opt for compact formats, therefore not cumbersome. If necessary, you can even repackage them in “
travel bottles” to optimize space. Finally, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing a pre-filled travel medicine kit and personalizing it by following steps one and two.

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