Isis pharma : The natural balance of the skin

Isis pharma is a French family laboratory committed to serving patients. For over thirty years, Isis pharma has been studying the natural mechanisms and disorders of the skin. All this with the aim of protecting and restoring its balance.

A history of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is not a disease that a doctor can diagnose. You may not know you have sensitive skin until you have a bad reaction to a cosmetic product, such as soap, moisturiser or make-up. Conditions that cause sensitive skin are rarely serious. You can usually keep your symptoms under control by making a few simple changes to your skin care routine with the different ranges offered by Isis pharma.

The history of Isis pharma

Since its creation in 1987 by Christian Diehl, a pharmacist in Bourg-en-Bresse, the Isispharma laboratory has been interested in thenatural balance of the skin – skin homeostasis – and its main disorders to develop innovative and effective solutions to help each patient suffering from skin problems to regain a healthy skin. A pioneer in the treatment of targeted skin disorders such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and vitiligo, Isispharma has rapidly established itself in the market thanks to the effectiveness of its solutions with dermatologists and patients. Since its acquisition in 2002 by the DEWAVRIN Group, a family business specialising in the health and beauty industry, the laboratory has accelerated its international development while continuing to develop innovative and effective solutions. Today, Isis pharma products can be found in nearly 80 countries.

Dermatology in the comfort of your bathroom

The Isis pharma laboratory believes that we all deserve the same standard of care. This is why it makes it a point of honour to listen to patients and health professionals. With the aim of developing a truly powerful dermatology that is accessible to all. Moreover, trust and transparency are the key words of the brand! On the strength of these commitments, Isis pharma is advancing dermatology by developing ever more effective treatments for the well-being of its patients.

Ruboril, an effective solution for sensitive skin with redness

All the products in this range have been rigorously formulated to relieve all types of redness (whether diffuse or localised), regardless of their intensity. Not to mention the optimal tolerance offered by their care. Their patented β-CALM complex is a real innovation: it contains 4 active ingredients that act on the mechanism of redness formation. In addition to this, this complex is composed of ingredients known for their ability to strengthen the blood capillary wall and the skin’s natural barrier barrier skin. Moisturisation and soothing are therefore the order of the day! Ruboril is above all a very complete range to relieve and rebalancesensitive skin with redness.

Neotone, a real remedy against pigmentation spots

In order to get rid of brown spots, Isis pharma has developed the Neotone line. A real care range to clean the delicate skin of the face, correct and prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots. Neotone products help to even out the complexion, restore radiance and reduce the appearance, size and colour of sun spots, age spots, hormonal spots and scarring. Thanks to Neotone, blemishes will never be a fatality again!

Teen derm, for oily skin with a tendency to acne

The patented ALPHA-PURE complex uses strictly selected active ingredients to act at each stage of the formation of imperfections. The products in the Teen derm range come with regulate sebum production thanks to vegetable esters of avocado oil. Then, an extract of Boswellia with anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe weakened skin. Thanks to Teen Derm, imperfectionsare reduced and the skin is visibly purified and soothed.

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