Adult acne, the natural solutions to overcome it

Adult acne, microcysts, hormonal acne, blackheads…. There are still about 50% of the population of 20-40 years who would be subject to regular outbreaks. Acne affects women more than men, regardless of age group. And it is quite natural! Pimples develop under the influence of hormones , a much more regular phenomenon in women.

Teenage acne is mainly caused by hormones. Indeed, their sudden increase activates the sebaceous glands , those which are at the origin of your type of skin, oily, dry, or mixed. Thus, they therefore produce excess oil and make your tissues fatty. This oil clogs your pores, preventing them from breathing and inviting acne pimples to settle there.

What are the causes of adult acne?

One of the main reasons are hormones. Your hormones are responsible for the development of our sebaceous glands at puberty , but also for the production of sebum. These hormones continue to fluctuate throughout your life, and that’s okay! It is for this reason that adult women are more affected than men. This is called hormonal acne .

However, there are other factors that can promote acne :

  • Sweating :

Just as the fatty layer clogs your pores during adolescence, sweating also suffocates them.

  • Poor diet :

An excess of refined sugar, bad fat…. will overload your liver with toxins. When it can no longer play its role of emunctory, it then returns the toxins to another organ which also serves as a filter, our skin.

  • Stress :

The sebaceous glands are very sensitive to substance P and to corticoliberin, two neurotransmitters produced in the event of stress by the neurons present in the cutaneous nervous network.

  • Unsuitable skin care :

A beauty routine that is too aggressive, too rich, or not adapted to the type of skin may lead to imperfections and intensify acne.

What to do in case of hormonal acne?

When you suffer from acne, it is often hormonal acne . This is explained by fluctuations in hormones , common in women during menstrual periods, pregnancy or menopause . For men, it’s different. The testosterone , the male hormone, fluctuates much less and that is why at the age adult men have far fewer buttons: they have a greater hormonal stability.

Thus, for many women, the week before their period is the most conducive to the appearance of skin imperfections, even if some see the quality of their skin deteriorate with the onset of menstruation or even during the period of menstruation. ovulation.

To get rid of your hormonal acne, it is important to rebalance your body :

  • Cleanse your body from the inside out:

By draining plants: a mixture of burdock / nettle root plants to be taken as a 3-month treatment will allow your skin to regulate itself.

  • Support your organization:

Thanks to the contribution of trace elements such as zinc and selenium are recognized today as the most effective remedies in the treatment of adult acne. They fight inflammation, but also the proliferation of bacteria.

  • Eliminate all products containing comedogenic components :

Give preference to treatments marked “non-comedogenic”, or better still learn to decipher the composition of your treatments yourself. Thus, we will avoid silicones, which will clog the pores, as well as too aggressive products which will dry out your skin and promote the overproduction of sebum.

In short

Adult acne can be the cause of several factors, but very often, readjusting your lifestyle allows you to find healthy skin without imperfections.

To overcome your acne we advise you :

To cleanse your body and allow your skin to perform its role of elimination organ.

  • If necessary readjust your diet :

Eliminate refined sugar and processed products that will “foul” your body. Limit the consumption of dairy products because no, they are not our friends for life. If you suffer from severe acne, also eliminate gluten for 3 weeks . As a reminder, acne is an inflammatory skin disease. All of these foods are inflammatory, so they promote the appearance of pimples.

  • Protect your skin from the sun :

With the sun, our skin thickens, which prevents the sebum from flowing normally. When the summer is over, when the skin regains its initial texture, the epidermis purges all the sebum stored in excess. This is the famous rebound effect! To avoid this back-to-school purge, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun’s rays on a daily basis.

  • Adapt your beauty treatments :

Acne-prone skin especially needs a daily beauty routine, but not with just any product. We offer you at the bottom of the article a layering routine with natural and gentle care to find a perfectly healthy skin.

  • Ask your pharmacist for advice on adopting a food supplement:

We recommend the Acnavance food supplement to fight against your adult acne. It is 100% natural and offers a complete formula for eliminating adult acne. It will act as well on the purging of the skin as on the inflammation of the buttons and the proliferation of bacteria.

Adult anti acne layering beauty routine

To overcome your imperfections it is essential to ban from your bathroom treatments, too aggressive, too drying, and which choke the pores.

To limit the appearance of imperfection it is imperative to be rigorous in your daily care :

The morning :

  • Cleanse your face with Caudalie Vinopure gentle cleanser . This cleansing gel is specially formulated to cleanse without attacking while tightening the pores
  • Soothe your skin and prepare it for treatment with clary sage hydrosol which regulates sebum production
  • Apply Caudalie Vinopure serum . It helps to purify and smooth your skin texture
  • Moisturize your skin with Aqua Magnifica Sanoflore moisturizer which purifies, hydrates and tightens pores
  • To hide the small red pimples, apply the Weleda willow corrective treatment . It camouflages imperfections while having an antibacterial action which allows the pimple to disappear more quickly.

Evening :

  • You must remove your makeup with the makeup remover of your choice: oil, milk, micellar water, etc.
  • Cleanse your skin with Caudalie cleansing gel
  • Remove the last traces of makeup and limescale using your sage floral water
  • Apply the ‘ Botanical Essence Sanoflore night which rebalances and purifies the skin in depth
  • Moisturize your skin with Aqua Magnifica night cream which complements the rebalancing action of the essence

Once a week :

  • Make a gentle homemade scrub with sugar / honey / vegetable oil. It will help remove dead skin and facilitate cell renewal
  • After the scrub Pamper yourself with Caudalie’s purifying mask to hydrate, cleanse and deeply rebalance the epidermis.



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