November and the month without tobacco !!!

Whether you have decided to quit smoking or to support your loved ones in quitting smoking , Bravo! And thank you ! Not only do you contribute to the establishment of a healthy life , but you also take care of those around you and even future generations. Nowadays, this initiative is a most appreciated act of benevolence, in this world celebrating the return to a balanced hygiene of life thanks to the stop of the tobacco .

In November, we stop together!

Going alone on this great weaning adventure is anything but a trivial matter. You may have even tried it once or twice, but no luck. In November, give yourself every chance to succeed by registering for Tobacco Free Month and benefit from the support of a united and united community. The Public Health France , the Ministry of Solidarity and of Health and the Health Insurance you offer this challenge is a great opportunityto start. So, like the hundreds of thousands of French people; join the movement and benefit from the many tools and advice to help you quit smoking!

Stop smoking, start living!

Your organization is extraordinary! It’s up to you to get started. Within half an hour of stopping smoking , blood pressure, pulse and temperature return to normal. After 8 hours, the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood decreases by half, promoting oxygenation of the cells. In 24 hours, carbon monoxide is completely eliminated from the body and the lungs begin to reject smoke residues … From there, the gray complexion, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles are a thing of the past. Between 3 and 9 months, pulmonary function returns to normal activity. After 5 years without tobacco, your risk of lung cancer will be halved, so no more excuses!

Because smoking kills! Simply…

Tars, mercury, arsenic, acetone, cyanide, cadmium, ammonia, formalin,… you don’t need to be an expert in chemistry to admit that these substances are extremely dangerous . Elements that unfortunately make up every cigarette rod ! Indeed, smoking is equivalent to inhaling heavy metals, gasoline, pesticides, poison, detergent and a forensic preservative in a single puff . Result: up to half of those who consume it die! In mainland France, it claims more than 75,000 victims each year . Which is huge given the fact that it is the leading cause of preventable death in France.

A hard move to stop

Succeeding in breaking free from this strong addiction represents a real challenge . This is completely understandable! Since smoking is anchored in the lifestyle of its consumers. For a smoker, each puff is constantly associated with well-being, pleasure, and even a ritual . By disrupting the neural reward circuit, which feels pleasant to the brain, nicotine is not only addictive.

To support you and your whole body through these ordeals, Ineldea Laboratories have specially formulated Seranil Nutritional support in stopping smoking . This food supplement based on plant extracts will help you resist stress and help regain the physical and mental well-being that you are looking for during your smoking cessation .

The Spray BIO instant rapid release of Pranarom , meanwhile, is a dietary supplement of aromatherapy that can inhibit your occasional smoking cravings. If you want to quit smoking permanently, this BIO spray from Pranarom will accompany you in your process. It will help you manage irresistible cravings with a unique synergy of essential oils in spray.

And remember, “Health is not everything, but without it everything else is nothing.”

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