Which buds should I choose to get through the winter with peace of mind?

After a particularly hot and sunny summer, we have to get used to the idea that winter will soon be here. A gloomy and grey season which favours the lack of sunshine. A lack of vitamin D that makes our bodies more fragile. It is at times like these that we need to strengthen our … Read more

A first aid kit for your pet

Whether it’s catching ticks in the bushes, getting minor scratches on a hike or ingesting something he shouldn’t, your energetic furry friend is bound to get into some uncomfortable situations. And when these little annoyances occur, you’ll be glad to have a dedicated first-aid kit on hand. This will usually save you a visit to … Read more

Can eating disorders be treated with Naturopathy?

The naturopath is responsible for guiding patients in finding lifestyle and health solutions. Therefore, he helps to lead a healthier life. When it comes to eating disorders such as bulimia,binge eating oranorexia, it is important to realise that these are real diseases and not just eating habits. How is an eating disorder defined? Eating disorders … Read more

what are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation can help relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day by bringing inner calm. In fact, when meditation is practised, it trains the mind to be in the present moment. Meditation also allows us to reorient our thoughts and has a considerable impact on our health. That is why more and more people all over … Read more