Natural anti-mosquito solution with geranium hydrolate

The pest and the hydrolat

The early advent of the beautiful season is progressing!

The return of the beautiful days enchants us, heralding the arrival of summer in triumph at the turn of spring landscapes delighting us both by their range of delicate floral fragrances, and by a nuance of colors as subtle as they are attractive.

The days increase, giving us more luminosity, while shorten our nippes delivering nonchalantly to the pests our tasty golden flesh.

So what can be done to delen the irreconcilable?

The solute promises itself the sweet name of hydrolat…

He is a geraniac of the sobriquet of Perlagonium graveolens, better known as Geranium rosat , with an intoxicating scent, then valued for its repellent and antiseptic properties.

The pest, immediately enticed by the aromatic voluptuousness of the simple, was soon tormented and with an hasty step went away.

  • Repulsive action to ward off mosquitoes; apply pure rosat geranium hydrolat to the skin to keep you away from mosquito bites. Action to be renewed several times a day. Also used on children.

Clementine. Mr.

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