Epigenetics and youth: Keys to slowing down ageing

The ageing process has long intrigued scientists and researchers. In our eternal quest for youth and longevity, a new branch of science, epigenetics, is shedding new and promising light. This fascinating field studies how our lifestyles, our environment and even our thoughts can influence the expression of our genes without altering their DNA sequence. In … Read more

The benefits of fasting without stopping eating

Fasting is an increasingly popular practice for health and weight lossbut many people find it difficult to stick to a strict fasting regime. Fortunately, there is an alternative: fasting without stopping to eat. This method of fasting can offer similar benefits to traditional fasting while allowing people to continue eating normally. In this article, we … Read more

Ramadan 2024: How do you manage your diet?

Ramadan, a period of fasting from sunrise to sunset, brings unique challenges for the body and health. During this month, eating habits change considerably, which can influence our weight and general well-being. Indeed, the often rich and festive meals at the end of the fast and the reduction in physical activity can contribute to weight … Read more

How to lose weight around the waist naturally?

These days, a cursory glance at the Internet and the media in general reveals that the whole world is haunted by its image. In other words, many people want to be thinner. This is also because people have learned about the dangers of having a higher BMI than the norm. By the way, the formula … Read more

5 detox tips after the holidays

Champagnethe holidays are often high in calories. So now it’s time to take charge of your life by getting back to a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our 5 detox tips after the holidays. Detox” mode consists of cleansing your body of the excesses accumulated during the festive season. Indeed, with their high alcohol, fat and … Read more

Does intermittent fasting help you lose weight?

Abdominal fat is nothing more than an accumulation of fat cells around the abdominal organs. In fact, this increase in fat increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorders. If you have abdominal fat, it is not always considered visceral fat. It may simply be subcutaneous fat stored under the skin. Subcutaneous fat, which … Read more