Food supplements to boost concentration and memory during exams

Food supplements to boost concentration and memory

Everyone’s dreaded exam period is fast approaching. After having done a series of films, series and video games, you must now return to the hard life of a student. Back to a world where procrastination is no longer a possible solution. Return also to an environment where you must memorize countless information to pass the exams and finally acquire this coveted diploma. Fatigue and stress are all factors that can impact memory. To give you a little boost, stimulate your ability to memorize and to be at the top of your efficiency, nothing like food supplements . Using food supplementscan help you stay zen and face your exams with confidence. We will repeat never enough, the healthy and balanced diet as well as sleep quality are the key to having a good memory .

What food supplements to take to boost your memory?

Food supplements can give you a little boost when you are dieting. Nothing like it to revive your memory and fight fatigue and stress .

In order to support your mental functions, 3C Pharma Neurogenius Student Memory and Intelligence 30 tablets will be your best ally. It is an exclusive combination of active ingredients, carefully selected from among the most traditionally used in the world. Indeed, not only does it boost memory and learning, but it also increases physical and mental resistance and helps you cope with stress .

For people who want to improve their memory, their concentration and reduce fatigue during periods of occasional stress, the brand BIOCYTE LONGEVITE offers BIOCYTE Memo Perform Memory Concentration 60 capsules . A multivitamin and plant extract complex, specially designed for young people wishing to optimize their ability to memorize before exams.

The same goes for COGNISCIENCES brain stimulation Tonus & Vitalité from Santé-Verte. Concentrated in magnesium and stimulating plant extracts, this product will be an ally to boost your cognitive functions as well as your ability to concentrate, while awakening your three memories: sensory, short-term and long-term.

Boost and maintain your memory naturally

Along with the food supplement , small daily actions can be implemented to boost and maintain memory:

  • Get organized, because to assimilate information well. These must be compartmentalized, structured and ranked in order of importance .
  • Repeat several times in your head or out loud to make sure the information is recorded.
  • Use mnemonic cues to increase memorization of information , thanks to visual and sound cues . For example, where or when you found out about it, who you were with, how it made you feel …
  • Don’t fall for the routine, the brain feeds on change
  • Learn to respect and pay attention to your sleep to allow your brain to classify and consolidate knowledge .
  • Practice a sport to improve oxygenation of neurons and ensure proper functioning of the brain.
  • Manage stress because this state can disrupt the learning process and reduce your memory capacity, so stay calm!
  • Choose your foods wisely: fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and antioxidants ; fish, chocolate and all foods containing Omega 3 , strengthen the walls of neurons. So, to consume with all meals.
  • Stimulate your memory by training it regularly with small, simple exercises. Each day, try to remember a phone number or a list of objects. Excellent cerebral gymnastics!

Find a brain at its maximum capacity with food supplements !

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