Get in shape with Nat & Form food supplements

Get in shape with Nat & Form food supplements

Keeping in shape throughout the day is not easy. This requires a healthy diet, regular physical activity, but also appropriate supplementation. To improve its physical condition, get in shape and then keep it, the body needs micronutrients that are not necessarily available in the foods we eat daily. As a result, Nat & Form food supplements become a major ally.

The Nat & Form brand

In 1996, the Breton company Atlantic Nature set up the Nat & Form brand, which develops a wide range of quality plant-based food supplements produced with care and skill.

Sensitive to the ecological impact, Nat & Form has designed its very first eco-responsible range. Highly committed, its objective is to preserve biodiversity throughout the world; but also to take care of local ecosystems.

Nat & Form now has more than 900 products distributed in more than 400 points of sale: online sales sites, specialized organic stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies. Thus the brand has established itself as the leader in the market for organic food supplements .

This brand distinguishes itself from other brands in particular by its commitment to providing better quality and as much transparency as possible through its products, which go through reinforced controls .

Organic and Vegan Certification

The manufacturing and packaging processes for Nat & Form brand treatments comply with the standards imposed by Ecocert. The labeling and the organic mention on each product offered are only validated after strict inspections carried out by the control and certification body ECOCERT.

Nat & Form brand products are also certified by the international EVE VEGAN standard. This is an organization dedicated to the control of vegan products and services. This organization issues certificates of conformity for products in Europe and abroad.

Nat & Form ranges of food supplements

This brand has 5 major ranges of food supplements that perfectly meet consumer requirements.

Ideal for fans of organic products , the organic range is made with ingredients selected with the greatest care corresponding to the organic production method. Nat & Form has created the junior range, food supplements in the form of candies formulated with natural ingredients to contribute to the well-being of children.

For fans of zero waste , the eco-responsible range with packaging products that respect the environment: biodegradable marine gelatin capsule, 100% vegetable lid, recyclable cardboard pillbox…

The expert range with food supplements made from plants, minerals and vitamins for optimal efficiency.

The original range includes more than 200 high quality products at the best price.

Find the food supplement that suits you among the Nat & Form ranges on our Soin-et-nature website , in order to stay in shape all year round!

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