How to choose your dietary supplements slimming and lose weight before the summer

Soon the big vacation to spend on the beaches in swimsuit and we must anticipate to tackle cellulite and small extra pounds. Cellulite is formed by natural fat deposits. We can have some, even with a normal weight. However the aspect of dimples is often aggravated by other problems against which it can easily fight without regime. All kilos are mainly due to the same cause: the fouling of the body by toxins among others that are encapsulated in the fat cells. Performing a food rebalance (preceded by a detox) and the reintroduction of even soft physical activity with appropriate food supplementation, allows you to lose his extra pounds that you are 25 or 45 years old.

Fight against aggravating factors: stress, sleep and water retention

Stress makes you fat. Because of cortisol, the stress hormone. This is why we must take into account this data, and associate with a method of weight loss exercises of breathing and relaxation. The bonus effect: learning to breathe easier is also guaranteed a flat stomach effect and it grows instantly which refines in seconds the silhouette. Sleep regulates the two hormones of appetite leptin and ghrelin. One opens the appetite while the other regulates. So sleeping between 7 to 8 hours per night is ideal for regulating these two hormones. Attention beyond, there is no additional effect. Cellulite gets worse when you’re prone to water retention, heavy legs, weight changes, and stress. It is important to limit these aggravating factors to prevent water or unwanted pounds from lodging in the thighs. Limiting salty foods is also useful for controlling subcutaneous excess water. For those with heavy legs at the end of the day, or edema of the legs, we must focus on flat shoes, walking (a little every day) and the wearing of compression socks if you have to sit for a long time. Finally, be sure to maintain a stable weight, because the “yo-yo” effect of diets tends to accumulate fat at the level of the saddlebags.

Calculate your Imc to know if you are overweight

It is essential to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine the ideal program. The BMI is calculated as follows: WEIGHT (in kg) / (Height (m)) 2 If your BMI is between 18.5 and 25, your weight is normal If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you are overweight In the overweight we can distinguish between overweight (27-30) and overweight (25-27) The solutions to be adopted will diverge according to one or the other of the cases. BMIs below 18.5 (underweight) and above 30 (obesity) are specific cases.

Do sports and drink plenty of water

The renewal of energy that one feels at the return of the beautiful days can be the occasion to get back seriously to the sport. In this case, both target those who improve the most the saddlebags: aquabiking, water aerobics, dance, roller … or even walking, provided that the pace is supported (enough to make you sweat). Limit alcohol and prefer water, infusions and green tea (it detaches fats). Use and abuse herbal teas (they have anti-infectious properties), mint verbena … Drink preferably tea outside meals because the tannins it contains are attached to the iron in the meat and block in the intestine forming insoluble complexes that prevent it from being absorbed properly by the body. However, do not abuse this beverage: too much theine has a detrimental effect on the central nervous system.

Choose your dietary supplement slimming

In cosmetics, we make a scrub before making a mask. For thinness it’s the same, we act successively or simultaneously depending on the objectives.  A few extra pounds after holidays or before holidays this summer?

  • The body is prepared: Detox phase
  • It acts with a burner: Slimming phase
  • Weight loss is maintained with a fat sensor: Weight Control Phase

Kilos that weigh on my health because installed for a long time? For the kilos permanently installed, it will be necessary however to associate the use of a burner adapted to a drainer to optimize the loss of weight and occasionally to use a moderator of appetite to limit the bolus of food. And because diet does not rhyme with social isolation, we can also manage these ad hoc differences with a fat sensor.

 NHCO Thermoxyl Burner

Thermoxyl NHCO is the 1st dietary supplement slimming dosed at 125 mg of caffeine. It is an association of burners with the most concentrated dosages, for a fast program of 4 weeks, renewable once. The combination of amino acids Arginine + Leucine are optimized for action on thinness and firmness. The NHCO Thermoxyl Burner allows an accelerated metabolism with also 200% of the NRVs on the vitamins. In combination with sports, the effectiveness of Thermoxyl NHCO is multiplied

The Drafter Anaca3

Anaca3 The Drainer 4 in 1 Bottle 250ml is used for drainage of the body and facilitate elimination functions. Anaca3 Drainer 4 in 1 is used for drainage of the body

  • Thanks to the hibiscus: Facilitates the elimination functions of the body
  • With ash: Helps burn fat
  • Thanks to cola and green tea: Helps to promote thinning
  • Thanks to cola: Helps to promote the feeling of light legs
  • Thanks to hibiscus: Helps strengthen the body

The Xls Medical Fat Sensor

XLS Medical Fat Sensor is a certified medical adjuvant for weight control, made from a unique and standardized fiber complex, including dehydrated cactus leaves. The product is enriched with essential lipophilic vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the reduced availability of these vitamins due to the reduced assimilation of fats. It has been clinically proven that the Xls Medical fat sensor is able to capture up to 27.4% of fat from the diet. In addition to capturing fat, this product also increases the feeling of satiety and reduces cholesterol levels. In addition, no side effect is known.Il therefore helps maintain its weight and increase the satiety effect. For more information to choose the ideal dietary supplement according to your morphology and your eating habits, do not hesitate to ask your doctor.


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