Homeopathy for your children’s return to school

In Europe, more than 50% of allopathic medicines prescribed to children and adolescents have not been the subject of an evaluation or an administration authorization specific to this age group. Children are therefore particularly exposed to the difficulties of using these drugs.

Conversely, homeopathy is particularly suitable for this population because :

  • It is effective in many reasons for consultation
  • It has no side effects or contraindications
  • Has a single dosage independent of age, weight
  • It is the only possible therapy in certain situations
  • Its first-line advice has no impact on the subsequent medical diagnosis.
  • It allows to accompany without risk a prescription

Management of behavioral disorders

Whether it is agitation, anxiety or sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep or insomnia) of the child, with its attendant consequences on his learning at school and his integration into society, homeopathy can provide real answers: effective and without risk of drowsiness during the day , and without risk of dependence on treatment.

Did you know ?

There is a homeopathic syrup indicated from the age of 1 year in case of temporary nervousness and in case of minor sleep disorders .

Of homeopathic tablets orodispersible (melting under the tongue), are indicated from the age of 6 years in case of nerves , of fear or anxiety .

Nasopharyngitis (or colds) in children

Colds are the first infectious pathologies in children caused by a large number of viruses that are rampant from the first colds and wet months. It is an inflammatory attack of the nose and the throat which results in various symptoms, expressed more or less; stuffy or runny nose (clear or thick yellow liquid), sneezing, sore throat, cough, or even fever.

However, nasopharyngitis remains a benign pathology , with a spontaneously favorable evolution in 7 to 10 days but which can progress to complications such as otitis , sinusitis and extend to the lungs (pneumonia): all these situations require a medical consultation.

To relieve the symptoms of the common cold , it is necessary to unclog the nose by daily washing with physiological saline . Paracetamol can be used to lower fever when the child’s temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C. Nasopharyngitis in children is almost exclusively viral, antibiotic treatment is unnecessary .

If the nasal discharge is profuse, there are antihistamine combinations (nasal antisecretory effect), + paracetamol, (antipyretic and analgesic action). But these drugs are contraindicated in children under 6 years old . Be careful not to give several drugs containing paracetamol simultaneously because of the risk of overdose which can be toxic to the liver.

In this context, homeopathic treatments have several advantages :

  • Respond to situations without a therapeutic alternative
  • Quickly relieve symptoms
  • Decrease the risk of complications

Did you know ?

The homeopathy offers tablets given at age 18 months and drinkable solutions in single dose given at age 6 months for the symptomatic treatment of colds and rhinitis.

Also available, homeopathic syrups suitable for the treatment of dry cough and / or fatty cough .

Finally, there is a homeopathic syrup which has the double indication: treatment of colds and coughs .

Do your children have a ragweed ??

Lice are parasites that plague communities and are spread by direct contact.

Itching is the telltale sign of lice infestation. These insects feed on blood and their bites leave small red dots . Grayish in color, lice are two to four millimeters long. The eggs are easy to see; stuck to the hair near the root, oval in shape and whitish in color, they are about a millimeter long.

Head lice are harmless. Only scratching associated with itching can cause lesions that can become infected .

The treatment of lice has long relied on the use of drugs containing insecticides . The emergence of resistance to these treatments has led to the development of products that act physically, such as oils, which coat the lice and kill them by suffocating them. The use of a fine tooth comb to detach the eggs should be combined with these treatments for better effectiveness.

In this context, homeopathy comes in support of antiparasitic treatments when an epidemic breaks out in your child’s school: to avoid contamination and, in the event of an infestation, to help relieve its symptoms .

Did you know ?

The sabadilla officinarum strain is effective in controlling lice.

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