Limit the inconvenience of insect bites thanks to homeopathy

naturopathic advice to limit the inconvenience of an insect bite

While the majority of insect bites are benign, some can cause more or less strong reactions. People with allergies should be particularly vigilant. Fortunately, these accidents are rare and for most of us, a few precautions are enough to better endure these enemies of summer.

The biting insects are part of the order Hymenoptera of the class of insects. Hymenoptera venoms cause local toxic reactions in all victims and allergic reactions only in people already sensitized. The severity depends on the dose of venom and the extent of prior sensitization.

When you get bitten by an insect, the pain is not necessarily immediate, some bites are even painless. To recognize an insect bite when you haven’t seen the culprit in action, you can rely on the appearance of a red pimple on the skin, sometimes accompanied by swelling.

How to recognize the different insect bites ?

– If it’s a mosquito bite, you will only feel an itch.

– If it was administered by an insect with a stinger (a wasp, a bee or a hornet), you will feel a sharp pain and a kind of heat that throws like pulsations.

– As for ants or horseflies, you will immediately feel like a bite and then an itch.

What are the symptoms ?

Symptoms of an insect bite or bite occur when the animal injects a poison or other substance into the skin. The body reacts differently, depending on how sensitive it is or how many times you have been affected. The reaction can vary from a slight local swelling to a severe allergic reaction. Common symptoms caused by insect bites are as follows:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Pain

In some people with allergies, and in rare cases, the bite can lead to what is called anaphylactic shock.

Some naturopathic advice to limit the inconvenience of an insect bite

Don’t scratch yourself :

This then accentuates the itching, especially in the event of a mosquito bite. To relieve yourself, simply and gently rub the palm of your hand over the bites. As long as the reaction of the skin remains limited, you can calm the itching with a suitable homeopathic medicine.

Moisten the site of the bite to cool the skin and calm the itch :

If possible, apply ice (wrapped in a tea towel for example). This will relieve most pain from stings. Be careful not to leave the ice cream for more than fifteen to twenty minutes.

Bee sting :

In case of a bee sting, carefully remove the stinger if it is still in the skin. In particular, avoid crushing the poison bag if it is still attached to it.

Tick ​​bite:

If a tick is attached to the skin, it must be extracted, taking care to remove the head (the use of a tick puller, available in pharmacies, makes this simple and safe), then disinfect the bite. To remove the tick, never use substances such as alcohol, ether, petroleum jelly or gasoline because of the risk of tick regurgitation which increases the risk of transmission of Borrelia, the agent of Lyme disease. The area of ​​the bite should be monitored for at least a month to quickly detect the appearance of any redness.

Spider, scorpion and august sting:

In the event of a spider bite, your best bet is to see a doctor.
In France, no scorpion is dangerous. Apply ice to the bite.
Take a hot shower in case of chigger bites.

What to choose from homeopathy ?

Prevention :

Cette souche possède un très vif intérêt pour limiter les réactions aux piqûres d’insectes ou chez les personnes réactives aux piqûres d’insectes. Cette souche ne remplace pas un traitement préventif antipaludéen mais empêche cependant les surréactions aux piqûres d’insectes.

Posologie : 5 granules par jour pendant la période d’exposition.

En cas de piqûres :

Effective in case of insect bites (mosquitoes) with marbled and cold skin.

Dosage: 5 granules every hour. Space according to improvement.

Used in pinkish, stinging and burning edema ameliorated by cold applications.

Dosage: 5 granules every hour. Space according to improvement.

Useful in pruritus not improved by cold (eczema, contact urticaria, etc.)

Dosage: 5 granules every hour. Space according to improvement.

Effective in case of inflammation (redness-heat-throbbing pain) aggravated by touch.

Dosage: 5 granules every hour. Space according to improvement.

This strain is recommended in the event of an allergic reaction, to modulate the allergic reaction mechanism.

Dosage: 5 granules 3 to 6 times a day.

After one or more wasp, hornet, bee or bumblebee stings, it is important to recognize the situations requiring urgent hospitalization. In the other cases, simple gestures make it possible to relieve the local reaction around the sting.


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