How to treat yourself in oligotherapy with trace elements?

No one had the slightest idea of ​​the use of trace elements in therapy 50 years ago. Today, most doctors are convinced of the effectiveness of oligotherapy in various pathologies, and especially in functional pathologies.

In 1942, Jacques Ménétrier, presenting the interest that the use of mineral elements could represent in human medicine, studied their therapeutic impact and identified the indications specific to each of them. With a team of doctors and biologists, he lays the foundations of Functional Medicine.

According to Doctor Ménétrier, “diatheses are determined by clinical, paraclinical and biological characteristics associated with physical and psychological behavior, the whole being registered on a genetic basis (hereditary factors)”. Doctor Ménétrier after long studies on trace elements perfected the medicine of functions which uses trace elements in relation to the causes of organic dysfunction and which works in the field and not the symptoms. Indeed, the ground predisposes to certain diseases and Ménétrier identifies 5 diatheses.

The 5 diatheses of Doctor Ménétrier

Doctor Ménétrier’s diatheses are determined by clinical, paraclinical and biological characteristics associated with physical and psychological behavior, all of which are registered on a genetic basis. To restore the balance of exchanges in each of Dr. Ménétrier’s diatheses, one or more specific trace elements are used. There are “4 main diatheses” and a “syndrome” which is not really a diathesis but which finds its application in the accompaniment of the basic diatheses defined as follows:

  • Diathesis n ° 1 called Allergic corresponds to arthritis, the basic trace element of which is “Manganese”.
  • N ° 2 known as Hyposthenic which corresponds to arthro-tuberculosis “and responds to the association” Manganese – Copper “.
  • N ° 3 known as Dystonic which corresponds to neuro – arthritis and which corresponds to the formula “Manganese – cobalt”.
  • Diathesis n ° 4 known as Anergic which above all marks a fall in immune defenses, leaving the organism defenseless in the face of attacks, wherever they come from: physical, infectious, toxic, psychological. The corresponding complex is “Copper – Gold – Silver”.

The Disadaptation Syndrome which is not strictly speaking a diathesis because, not presenting a morbid disposition, can appear at all ages.

Dr. Ménétrier said of diathesis, that it generally expresses the transition between the state of health and the state of injury. The classification of diatheses is not absolute. They can become involved in each other, or switch from one to another in the course of development. Also, depending on the information received during the anamnesis (health and family history of the person), the health practitioner can determine what are the trace elements in relation to the person’s diathesis (s) and advise treatment by the person. oligotherapy.

Trace elements in Oligotherapy

The human body is made up of mineral salts. It was Schussler who discovered that in the ashes of a body there were 12 essential mineral salts.

Our body, in order to carry out digestion, needs a set of elements, including trace elements. So that the chemical transformations carried out on food can take place properly. Other elements are necessary such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, …

Trace elements are also used to maintain polarity in order to maintain balance and health against magnetic fields. The difference between minerals and trace elements is that trace elements exist in the body in a concentration a million times lower than minerals. However, just because they are in small quantities does not mean that they are not essential. Indeed, a trace element deficiency can affect health.

The role of trace elements :

Trace elements are used to regulate enzymatic reactions for biochemical exchanges in the human body. They are therefore useful for:

  • The digestion of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates in order to make them assimilable for the body,
  • Cellular exchanges for energy production (ATP),
  • Good hormonal functioning,
  • Immune defenses (copper is useful in infections),

In general, it is foods that provide trace elements.

However, given that nowadays food is more and more artificial and that crops use pesticides, it becomes obvious that food is becoming more and more denatured and that they no longer provide the necessary elements for our body. (see article on balanced diet).

Refined foods such as white rice, white flour, white pasta, white sugar no longer contain the trace elements necessary for their assimilation. The abuse of diuretics, in particular to lose weight, and of laxatives will also play a role in the deficiency of trace elements. Nowadays there are frequent deficiencies in iron, zinc, copper, iodine

Please note that there is a balance between the ratios between each trace element. The fact of privileging one trace element over another can unbalance our body. So we must not only respect the quantity but also the balance between each trace element.

For more information, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your naturopathic doctor or pharmacist



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