How to sculpt your body with proteins?

When our body is in great shape, everything is going great! It is therefore important that we practice physical exercises regularly , for the good of our body , but also of our mind . In fact, sport triggers a secretion in our brain called “ endorphin ”, a euphoric hormone that is also called the “ pleasure hormone ”. In short, sport simply makes us happy, but it is important not to underestimate the role of proteins!

Sculpt a beautiful silhouette to feel good about yourself

But practicing sport also means taking the time to listen to your body. Not only are we taking charge of our health , but also our appearance . And this is a side that we absolutely cannot neglect. Exercising regularly means progressing while staying focused on your goals . This good habit allows us to more easily understand the worries of everyday life, both professionally and personally. And even better, a good appearance greatly improves our self-confidence.

However, obtaining visible results in any sports activity requires a little boost. Indeed, the energy and the nutrients expended need to be supplied on the one hand and renewed on the other.

Proteins: real sports allies

When we want to sculpt our body, muscular activities are in order. A balanced diet is not always enough to maintain a good level of energy and provide muscle tissue with the nutrients necessary for its proper development. Indeed, our muscles are strongly solicited during these exercises. Sufficient protein consumption is therefore essential, firstly for a better metabolism, but also for gaining muscle mass.

Supplement use is recommended

To make up for any nutritional deficiencies , during an activity allowing you to lose fat and gain muscle, the use of proteins is strongly recommended. Protein powder can make up for deficiencies that are not provided by food. This allows you to maintain or even develop muscle mass while losing superfluous fat.

  • NHCO VEGE PROTEIN VANILLA 750G is a dietary food enriched with high quality proteins . With its subtle and real vanilla flavor, it contains a high nutritional and taste quality. This dietary supplement is specially prescribed for people with intensive or regular activity, whose protein needs are higher. It promotes optimal recovery and muscle maintenance. Up to 3 times a day
  • Eric Favre Clear Shake Iso Protein Water flavored 750g : Light, Fresh and transparent, Clear shake is an innovative water-soluble whey protein isolate far from ordinary protein isolates. Ideal for rapid muscle mass gain, without superfluous additives.


On training days: take 1 scoop of 25g in the morning and then before and after training to provide the muscles with the proteins necessary for muscle development.

On rest days: take 2 measures of 25g per day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.

Wait 1 minute after stirring vigorously for tasting.

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