Avoiding obesity: Tips for preparing our children’s snacks

In order to avoid the growing epidemic ofchildhood obesityin order to avoid the growing epidemic of obesity, it is important to look at what our children should eat rather than focusing on what they should not eat. Indeed, focusing on deprivation is not the best strategy for either a child or an adult. What is … Read more

How to manage the reintroduction phase of the AIP protocol?

The AIP protocol is a holistic method that addresses both diet and lifestyle . It was developed to help people with autoimmune diseases. AIP helps to reduceinflammation,alleviate symptoms,improveintestinal balance, and more. The method consists mainly of an elimination diet followed by a reintroduction phase. It is this phase that we will focus on today. When … Read more

¿Cómo gestionar la fase de reintroducción del protocolo AIP?

El protocolo AIP es un método holístico que aborda tanto la dieta como el estilo de vida . Se desarrolló para ayudar a las personas con enfermedades autoinmunes. El AIP ayuda a reducirla inflamación, aaliviar los síntomas y amejorar elequilibrio intestinal, entre otras cosas. El método consiste principalmente en una dieta de eliminación seguida de … Read more

What can we replace almonds with? Focus on Tiger Nuts

Nuts are tasty, but if your child has a nut allergy, they should be completely excluded from the diet. However, there is a food with a sweet almond taste that can be used as an alternative: Tiger nuts. Although it is called the tiger nut, it is not a nut, but rathera tuber! A must-try! … Read more

Can eating disorders be treated with Naturopathy?

The naturopath is responsible for guiding patients in finding lifestyle and health solutions. Therefore, he helps to lead a healthier life. When it comes to eating disorders such as bulimia,binge eating oranorexia, it is important to realise that these are real diseases and not just eating habits. How is an eating disorder defined? Eating disorders … Read more

Rework your summer diet

Summer is just around the corner. Clothes, environment, climate… Everything changes after the long months spent fighting the cold. And our diet is also affected by this upheaval. In order to change from a rich diet to a lighter, more “measured” diet, a transition is necessary. Our body can then gradually get used to this … Read more