Astragale, nature’s adaptogenic jewel

In the vast expanses of nature, a discreet but extraordinary plant has captivated the attention of researchers and wellness enthusiasts for centuries: astragalus. Nestling in the heart of the Fabaceae family , this remarkable herb is much more than just a plant. It embodies the fascinating concept of the adaptogen. With its unique properties and … Read more

Sweat-producing plants and their role in detoxifying the body

The quest for optimal health and natural well-being often leads us to rediscover nature’s hidden treasures. Among these, sweat-inducing plants occupy a special place in the field of phytotherapy and body detoxification. These plants, which have the remarkable ability to stimulate the production of sweat, play an essential role in eliminating the toxins accumulated in … Read more

Herbal tea of ​​the month for November: Boost your immunity

The immune system helps maintain the integrity of the organism by excluding foreign constituents. Immunity is the ability of an organism to defend itself against any aggression from the external environment (bacteria, virus, fungus, antigen). In autumn and winter, immunity weakens leaving the field free for any type of virus spreading like wildfire, thus becoming a major public health … Read more

Treating fever, flu and colds with homeopathy

Treating fever, flu and colds with homeopathy: natural solutions to boost your natural defences. Fever, flu and colds are common illnesses that affect our immune system. Fortunately, homeopathy can be an effective alternative for treating these symptoms. In our online pharmacy, we’ve put together a range of natural solutions to boost your immunity and relieve … Read more

Why is it essential to use quality propolis?

Like precious royal jelly, propolis is a treasure from the hive, prized for its many virtues. Carefully prepared by worker bees, it is derived from resinous substances harvested from the buds and bark of trees. This rich, complex substance is renowned for its powerful energetic potential and its natural antibiotic properties, which are effective in … Read more

Flu and herbal medicine

Orthomyxovirus and influenza viral infection The flu is a highly contagious acute respiratory infection caused by viruses Myxovirus influenzae . It manifests itself in the form of seasonal epidemics and affects up to 7 million people in France each winter. The influenza A (the most virulent) is responsible for most epidemics. The large number of patients each year, as well as the sometimes … Read more

What is the homeopathic protocol for preventing influenza?

Homeopathic protocol in the prevention of influenza

Influenza is a highly contagious acute respiratory infection caused by Myxovirus influenzae viruses . Influenza viruses are divided into different types: A, B and C. Virus A (the most virulent) is responsible for most epidemics. The flu manifests itself in the form of seasonal epidemics and affects 2 to 7 million people in France each winter. How is influenza infected? The large number of patients … Read more

Cure the flu with homeopathy

The flu is at the origin of the seasonal epidemic which rages every winter, between the months of November and April in the northern hemisphere. It usually starts at the end of December, and lasts an average of ten weeks. Fortunately there are homeopathic treatments for prevention and attack to cure the flu virus . Symptoms of the influenza virus The flu is an infectious disease caused … Read more

7 Natural Remedies to Cure Colds and Flu

Colds and flu are common illnesses that can cause unpleasant symptoms such as nasal congestion, cough and fever. Although conventional medicines can offer temporary relief, more and more people are turning to natural remedies to treat these conditions effectively and without unwanted side effects. In this article, we’ll explore seven popular natural remedies for colds … Read more