Cure the flu with homeopathy

The flu is at the origin of the seasonal epidemic which rages every winter, between the months of November and April in the northern hemisphere. It usually starts at the end of December, and lasts an average of ten weeks. Fortunately there are homeopathic treatments for prevention and attack to cure the flu virus .

Symptoms of the influenza virus

The flu is an infectious disease caused by the Influenza virus. It is generally not serious in healthy people. The flu (seasonal) is an acute respiratory infection, different from a common cold. The flu condition is usually the cause of a high fever and can cause fatigue and a cough lasting for several weeks.
  • In healthy people , recovery from influenza is spontaneous after one to two weeks.
  • In elderly or vulnerable people, the flu can unbalance the health status with a risk of worsening of existing diseases (chronic diseases such as heart or respiratory failure, chronic bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis…).

The symptoms of influenza can occur typically for 3 to 7 days. Most often, the temperature decreases in 2 to 4 days. Fatigue and coughing can last for up to 2 weeks, and sometimes longer.

  • Onset of chills, malaise, muscle pain, headache
  • High fever, which can reach 40 °
  • Increased heart rate (tachycardia)
  • Chills, fatigue, depression which may lead to drowsiness, lack of appetite (anorexia)
  • Runny nose (rhinorrhea), sore throat, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Veiled voice, difficulty speaking, burning in the chest, dry cough
  • Severe headaches in the forehead, eyes, difficulty in bearing light (photophobia).

Recovery is complete in most people within one to two weeks.

The symptoms of the flu virus can also be mistaken for the Covid-19 . Anosmia (loss of smell) and ageusia (loss of taste) are not characteristic of Covid-19 infection, they can also occur with the flu. This is why, on suspicion of influenza , it is important to also carry out the diagnosis of Covid, confirmed by a virological test by RT-PCR .

Homeopathic treatments for the prevention of influenza

How to avoid catching the flu

Each winter, the influenza virus, responsible for the flu, is transmitted by droplets of saliva suspended in the air, or present on the hands or doorknobs. Contamination can be favored by fatigue, stress, deficiencies, pollution or carelessness, such as non-compliance with hygiene precautions.


flu prevention


How to avoid the flu

Choosing the right homeopathic remedy for preventing the flu

The best method of preventing influenza is to strengthen the body’s immune defenses . Indeed, when the immune defenses are strengthened, the body is immune to influenza and its symptoms can be reduced.

homeopathic remedies for the flu

  • Oscillococcinum : One dose per week if you do not have anyone around you with flu symptoms. If, on the other hand, you are around someone with the flu, increase the prescription by taking a dose two days in a row.

homeopathic influenza prevention treatment

  • Influenzinum 9ch is a remedy designed from the strains of the Institut Pasteur vaccine. One dose per week (10 granules or one dose) for a month, then one dose every 15 days, until the end of the epidemic.

anti influenza homeopathy

  • Echinacea : excellent stimulant of the immune system, take in mother tincture (TM) 10 drops per day for children (over 30 months) and 30 drops per day for adults.
anti influenza homeopathy Thymuline 9ch
  • Thymulin 9 CH : immunostimulant prepared from thymus extracts, take one dose per week.
Seasonal flu and homeopathic treatment
  • Yersin serum : for prevention, take 10 granules every 15 days from the beginning of October to the end of February.


Or else you can always discover the Homeopathic Flu Prevention Kit There is homeopathic prevention against influenza, combining Oscillococcinum and Influenzinum. This treatment is to be taken from October.

However, in people belonging to groups at risk of complications, it is not a substitute for the flu vaccine. A position recalled by the National Medicines Safety Agency in an information point published in 2016 .


Which homeopathic remedy to choose to cure the flu

It is advisable to choose its homeopathic anti influenza treatment according to the symptoms of the influenza virus or the influenza state .

homeopathic treatment can shorten the course of infection and reduce the number of complications. All homeopathic medicines are to be taken a quarter of an hour before meals by letting the granules melt under the tongue, or half an hour after meals. They have no side effects or contraindications, and are compatible with all allopathic treatments.

  • Homeopathic remedies for the onset of flu

Depending on the stage of the flu and the symptoms, you may take any of the following homeopathic remedies:


homeopathic flu medicine

  • L52 Etat Flu Boiron is a homeopathic medicine used in flu-like conditions, feverish aches, non-productive coughs and post-influenza asthenia.



which homeopathic treatment for influenza to choose?

  • Infludo Weleda is a homeopathic medicine in oral solution traditionally used in the flu state, from the first stage until the disappearance of symptoms such as: inflammation of the ENT mucous membranes, headache (headache), myalgia (muscle pain).

homeopathy to cure the flu


Do you have flu-like symptoms? It is advisable to double the dose of ‘ Echinacea and take in addition to copper blisters trace elements (twice daily).


  • Homeopathic treatments for fever

You can take 3 granules, three times a day of one or more strains mentioned, depending on your symptoms:


homeopathy fever flu

→ With chilliness : Nux Vomica 9 CH:

when the flu is sneezing followed by watery rhinorrhea (runny nose like water), fever with chills and body aches


Fever and homeopathy

→ Predominantly nocturnal : Mercuris Solubilis 9 CH: 

indicated in infections of the airways, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis with headache localized on the forehead, wet coryza with thick discharge, otitis caused by nasopharyngitis and white sore throat with high fever.

flu-like homeopathy

→ With perspiration : Belladonna 9 CH :

indicated in the event of sudden onset of the flu, h yperthermia and congestion especially cephalic, profuse sweating ea throbbing or delirium linked to fever.



  • Homeopathic care for stiffness

In case of aches related to fever, you can take Pyrogenum 9 CH and Rhus toxicodendron 9 CH 3 granules each three times a day.


  • Homeopathic medicines for cough and sore throat

You can take 3 granules, three times a day of one or more strains mentioned, depending on your symptoms:


homeopathic remedies for the flu

→ Take Bryonia 9 CH in case of progressive, moderate fever, feeling of dryness,

thirst, pain in the windpipe or bronchial tubes, painful cough.

when the flu manifests itself by fever, sweating, intense thirst (sensation of dry mouth), headache, eye pain and joint pain which increases in intensity with the slightest movement



homeopathy flu vaccine

→ Take Ferrum Phosphoricum 9CH in case of moderate fever, 

inflammation of the eardrums or bronchi, dry and painful cough.

(insidious onset, low fever, clammy skin, tendency to congest or localized bleeding)

homeopathic treatment for influenza

→ Take Hepar Sulfur 9 CH in case of sudden high fever, sharp pain in the throat or larynx.


Advice from your naturopath



  • For people over 65, it is recommended to use the flu vaccine over homeopathic treatment. The influenza vaccine protects against four strains of the virus . It is strongly recommended for people over 65, those suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women as well as obese people (whose BMI is greater than or equal to 40 ). Getting vaccinated at the start of winter is also a way to prevent the epidemic from spreading. The vaccine has been available since October and the vaccination campaign will run until January 31.


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