The benefits of mountain ash bud

Over the years, interest in natural products has grown considerably. Among these products, mountain ash bud is attracting attention for its many health benefits. What is mountain ash bud? And what are its real benefits for our well-being? Discover the exceptional virtues of mountain ash bud, an often underestimated treasure of nature. Used for centuries … Read more

My gemmotherapy kit for summer

Summer is here, bringing with it warmth, sunshine and changes to our health routines. For those interested in gemmotherapy, a form of phytotherapy that uses plant buds for their unique benefits, one question remains: Which buds should I use this summer in gemmotherapy? What buds should I use this summer in gemmotherapy? Gemmotherapy, also known … Read more

What role do natural remedies play in treating summer illnesses?

With its warm climate and long, sunny days,summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. However, it also brings its share of minor health problems, from sunburn to insect bites and dehydration. This is where natural remedies come into their own, offering body-friendly solutions that are often more economical and just as effective as … Read more

How can spasmophilia be treated naturally?

Spasmophilia, also known as a tetany attack, is a functional disorder manifested by anxiety attacks and neurovegetative symptoms. When faced with this condition, it is important to find natural treatment methods to improve the quality of life of those affected. In this article, we’ll explore the different options for treating spasmophilia naturally and the food … Read more

How can we maintain our brain function?

Fatigue, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, there are many sources of progressive degradation of our brain functions. Unfortunately, we don’t realise it, but the older we get, the more our brain activity decreases. Lost in the hectic pace of daily life and our more-than-stressful routine, we are not aware that our cognitive functions are no longer … Read more

Which buds should I choose to get through the winter with peace of mind?

After a particularly hot and sunny summer, it’s time to get used to the fact that winter will soon be upon us. A gloomy, grey season that encourages a lack of sunshine. A vitamin D deficiency that makes our bodies more fragile. It’s at times like these that we need to look after our immune … Read more

The benefits of gemmotherapy on athletes

The benefits of gemmotherapy on athletes

Gemmotherapy is the most recent branch of phytotherapy . It uses young shoots of trees and shrubs . The latter are prepared fresh by direct maceration in water, glycerol and alcohol. Gemmotherapy acts on the whole body. It is mainly used to support and rebalance the body’s dysfunctions : immunity, elimination, circulation, etc. How does gemmotherapy work? The bud is made up of embryonic tissue … Read more

Gemmotherapy, the power and subtlety of plants

Gemmotherapy is a specialised form of phytotherapy which uses the buds, young shoots and rootlets of trees and plants. Known as “global embryonic phytotherapy”, it has been studied in depth by experts such as Dr Henry and Drs Bergeret and Tétau. Gemme: borrowed from the Latin gemma “bud” and by analogy of shape and colour … Read more

How to beat cellulite with gemmotherapy?

The gemmotherapy proves to be a strong ally when it comes to rebalance the land then why not turn to these little buds to conquer cellulite with gemmotherapy? Indeed, it is suitable for everyone, including children and pregnant women. What’s more, the advantage of the buds is that they do not contain the toxic compounds that are sometimes found in certain plants. What is the principle … Read more