How can Pityriasis versicolor be treated naturally?

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BOP, Aqualyse, Ergydraine … The best remedies to combat water retention

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Natural alternatives to Smecta/ Diosmectite, available in pharmacies

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Sleepytime herbal tea: Your natural ally for peaceful nights

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Back-to-school herbal tea to balance blood sugar levels

Carbohydrate metabolism, made up of a series of biochemical processes, regulates the synthesis, absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates in the body. An imbalance in this system can lead to various neurological changes and metabolic disordersdiabetes being the most common. The summer period, often characterised by an increase in the consumption of sugary and calorific products, … Read more

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Get in shape with Nat & Form food supplements

Get in shape with Nat & Form food supplements

Keeping fit throughout the day is no easy task. It requires a healthy diet, regular physical activity, but also appropriate supplements. To improve your physical condition, get back into shape and then stay there, your body needs micronutrients that are not necessarily available in the foods you eat every day. This makesNat & Form food … Read more