Cosmetics in solid form for a successful road trip

Do you feel a sudden urge for adventure and discovery? Don’t ask yourself any more questions! In fact, it’s always a good time to go on a road trip! There’s no need to book a plane ticket, a hotel room or hire a tour guide. Everything can be improvised… Well, almost! You still need to think about packing: Papers, clothes, towels, toothbrush, a strong first aid kit, Swiss Army knife, torch, chargers… In short, all the little essentials must be put in your backpack. And of course, you must not forget the most important thing: Cosmetics. Here is a short list of solid cosmetics to carry with you at all times, for a successful road trip.

The advantages of taking solid cosmetics on a road trip

Apart from the fact that they are organic, solid cosmetics have various advantages, and are essential, especially on a road trip: ● In case of an accident, they do not spill and do not dirty the contents of the backpack; ● Even if they break, you don’t lose a crumb, all the pieces remain usable; ● They do not take up too much space; ● They are easy to store and organise in your toiletry bag; ● They are durable (last twice as long as a conventional product): even if you go away for 2 months (or more), you will still have some left.

Some solid cosmetics to put in the toiletry bag for a road trip

Nowadays, it’s becoming easier to find cosmetics in solid form. Many places have shelves dedicated to this new type of cosmetics. For your comfort and well-being throughout your adventure, here is a list of the essentials you should have in your beauty kit.

Make-up remover

Just back from an outing, or is it just time for bed? A solid make-up remover will be your ally in ridding your face and eyes of make-up and impurities accumulated throughout the day. A must-have to take care of yourself after a long day under the sun.


To feel good about yourself throughout the trip, it is always useful to have a solid deodorant. The heat and time spent on the road often means sweating and discomfort. A simple application of this type of deodorant is all it takes. In addition to being long-lasting, it has a long-lasting effect.


Still for the sake of comfort, solid toothpaste is very interesting. Not only does it last twice as long as conventional toothpaste, it’s also easy to use. Simply rub your wet toothbrush over the toothpaste bar and enjoy a pleasant cleansing foam.

A shampoo and conditioner

Easy to use,solid shampoo andconditioner will do your hair a world of good. All you have to do is wet your hair and rub a little to create a creamy lather. As soon as the bubbles are coating your hair, you can put the bar down. Allow a few minutes of massage before rinsing the product out with clean water, and you’re done.

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