How to choose the right mosquito repellent bracelet

mosquito repellent bracelet

The blue sky, the singing birds, the beach, the sunny days, summer is undoubtedly a beautiful season! Especially, if we disregard its share of small drawbacks. Because the summer period is also that of heatwaves, showers and of course flying insects … Among them, the die-hard mosquitoes that invite themselves everywhere, at any time of the day. From idleness at the beach … Read more

How to choose the right mosquito net?

Let’s set the scene: you have just spent the day frolicking in the beautiful summer sun. In your haven of peace, no clouds are on the horizon. Just that little breeze that caresses your face. Tonight, the heat invites you to open the windows and discover a blue sky adorned with gold. This scenario, you … Read more

Support for Alzheimer’s disease with medicinal plants

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system that affects around one million people in France, with a prevalence of 5% between 60 and 70 years and more than 15% after 80 years. Two types of brain damage are characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease 1- Amyloid or senile plaques: These plaques are located … Read more

How about doing a digital detox this summer?

Sites, social media and mobile applications, time spent on the Internet, or even favorite online activities… This summer, opt for a digital detox and free yourself from your dearest ally, the smartphone! The result will be rather beneficial for your health, your couple and your daily vacation. Digital and digital addiction detox Disconnect to better … Read more

How to make a first aid kit before going on vacation?

personalize your first aid kit in the pharmacy

When we think of holidays , we think of escape, we think of new adventures, we think of looks… In short, we think of well-being! But let’s face it, between the choice of destination, accommodation, activities, expenses… our sense of organization is put to the test. Thinking of everything can become stressful to the point of ignoring more important: health … Read more

Everything you need to know about Coronavirus Covid-19

particule de virus de la covid-19

What is a coronavirus? Before you understand what a coronavirus is, it is important to know what a virus is and how it works. A virus is called microbiology: a mandatory cellular parasite.It does not show itself with the naked eye and cannot be cultivated. There are “naked” and “wrapped” viruses: Naked viruses have a … Read more

Rhino horn and nasal hygiene: a gesture too often forgotten

rhino horn

The washing of the nose should be part of our daily rituals, just like any other gesture of personal hygiene . However, it is clear that few of us are doing it. Too restrictive? Cultural barrier? Or a matter of habit? Nasal hygiene The nasal hygiene , practiced primarily in infants , is nevertheless a simple gesture to the many benefits. It prevents and helps relieve rhinitis , sinusitis and … Read more

HPV Vaccine: Be Aware!

For several weeks now, an appeal from Professor Joyeux, oncologist and surgeon at the Montpellier Cancer Institute, has been circulating on the Internet. The latter is alerting us to the recent report by the High Council for Public Health, which recommends mass vaccination in schools against papillomavirus (HPV), and lowering the vaccination age to 9 … Read more