How to choose your Diffuser of Organic Essential Oils

Diffuser with humidifier or dry? How to choose its diffuser of organic essential oils according to its technical characteristics. In an air-conditioned office, a room or a new housing, prefer diffusers with ultrasonic humidifier. Their slight cold mist makes the air too dry. We breathe better, the skin does not pull … and the diffusion can last a long time because 4 drops of pure essential oil (and bio preferably) are enough to perfume. You prefer the diffuser dry (nebulized) if you want to clean the air more efficiently, or if your home is humid enough. Their programmer allows to measure the diffusion time. Either by alternating one minute of diffusion and one minute of stop, or by limiting its operation. It is advisable not to exceed 15 minutes of diffusion two to three times a day.

The electric diffusers of organic essential oils are divided into different categories, the diffusers by soft heat, by ventilation, by ultra-sound, by diffusion, or by misting. In order to help you choose the most suitable diffuser for your needs and your budget, we will briefly explain the various existing models and their performance.

Organic Essential Oil Diffusers by Soft Heat

The heat diffuser remains the simplest of the diffusers. This ranges from the simple cup of essential oil placed on the radiator, the models with thermostat through the classic burns candle perfume. The diffusion of the essential oils is carried out thanks to a regulated heat which makes it possible not to alter the virtues of the essential oils. It should be known that an essential oil retains all its properties as long as the temperature reached does not exceed 45 ° C. These essential oil diffusers are very easy to use and also make it possible to benefit from the diffusion of essential oils at an affordable cost. The maintenance is also very simple on this type of diffuser which allows to change oil regularly.

Ventilated Essential Oil Diffusers

The principle is very simple: a fan “propels” the air through a buffer that you have previously soaked with essential oils. This stream of pulsed air instantly spreads the essential oils into the room. As it is very quiet, you can use it in a room or office, its power does not cover a complete home. The diffusion by ventilation is carried out cold which allows the conservation of all the benefits of the essential oils. The blast of air produced by the blower propels the microparticles of the oils into the air through the area where they are deposited.

This diffuser essential oils allows to change regularly the scent of the oil diffused thanks to its simplicity of maintenance. This mode of diffusion is extremely fast and effective, it will allow an optimal diffusion in spaces up to 60m ².

Phytosun diffuser-easy-plug

PhytoSun Aroms EasyPlug Diffuser

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Ultrasound is a sound whose frequency is greater than 20khz and can not be heard by the human ear (too acute). A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz. Droplets are torn off the surface of the liquid, so that the water (and the essential oils that you add to it) is “atomized” into droplets so fine that they evaporate in fog. The size of the droplets will depend on the frequency of the device. The higher the frequency, the finer the droplets and the characteristics of the fluid (density, viscosity, surface tension). Ultrasonic diffusion is a method of cold diffusion which makes it possible not to deteriorate the original fragrance of the essential oils but also to conserve their energetic values. The ultrasound produced by the diffuser makes it possible to transform the mixture of water and oils into a light mist that propagates in the air.

In addition this mode of diffusion allows to slightly humidify the ambient air which makes it less dry and more breathable. Oxygenation of the blood is also favored. This diffuser essential oils is suitable for parts of average size but will prove very useful to breathe a better air generally drained by our heating systems.

Pranarom-lilien-broadcaster-essential oil

Lilien Pranarom Ultrasound Diffuser

Diffuser of essential oils by Misting

These diffusers are also called hybrid devices because they allow both the diffusion of essential oils but also water vapor (which will moisten your atmosphere a little too dry). These essential oil dispensers use a system that creates a slight mist from the water in its tank. Essential oils are added to water in small proportions. The mist that contains the fragrances of essential oils is then diffused into the air. The fogger also makes the ambient air less dry while ensuring the diffusion of essential oils.

The diffusers we offer are equipped with water level detectors which allows them to stop automatically when the water level is too low. Finally they are equipped for most of them with LEDs which offer a variation of colors and make the foggers very aesthetic.


PhytosunAroms Diffuser Ultrasonic Misting

Diffuser of essential oils by Nebulization (dry diffuser). Diffusion by nebulization allows through vibrations to separate and diffuse the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air. This mode of diffusion is made cold and thus allows to preserve all the therapeutic virtues of the essential oils. Most of the time the diffuser essential oils consists of a base where the engine is located and a glass part to accommodate the essential oils. The nebulisers are very effective and allow to diffuse the oils in spaces up to 120m ². They are equipped with a power variator.


Dry Diffuser Essential Oils Pranarom Nobilé

Diffuser of essential oils Nomade

This is a type of natural broadcast that does not need electricity to operate. Nomadic diffusers are suitable for small rooms such as bathrooms or toilets or even cars.


PhytoSun Aroms Nomadic Diffuser

In order to benefit from the benefits of essential oils, it is therefore advisable to invest in a diffuser that diffuses without significant heat (oxidation of essential oils) and without water (water preventing the ionization of essential oils).


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