Recipes of essential oils for the ENT sphere

Essential oils, thanks to their very powerful active molecules, effectively help to stop ENT disorders that are very common and are the cause of our many ailments. They are one of the first reasons for medical consultation. We often tend to minimize them and wait for it to pass…Yet their symptoms can be very troublesome and painful.
Conventional treatments are increasingly being met with increased resistance from viruses and bacteria.

Here are some recipes to prepare yourself for the treatment of ENT disorders through essential oils:


Niaouli 2 drops
Ravintsara 3 drops
Saturatoid Thyme 2 drops
permint 2 drops
1 drop
6 to 8 drops of the mixture on the chest and back 3 to 4 times a day for 3 days.
And/or 3 drops of the mixture on a handkerchief to be inhaled several times a day.


Eucalyptus written off 1 drop
Common myrtle 1 drop
Ravintsara 1 drop
Inhalation. Pour the drops into a glass of very hot water and breathe for 1 to 3 minutes. To be renewed once or twice a day.


Tea-tree 2 drops
Lavender aspic 2 drops
Ravintsare 2 drops
Peppermint 1 drop
2 drops of the mixture in local application on the forehead 4 times a day for 3 days
2 drops of the
mixture about 1/4 sugar to suck 2 times a day


Noble laurel 2 drops
Tea-tree 2 drops
2 drops verbenone rosemary
2 drops of the mixture to be ingested in a spoonful of vegetable oil 3 times a day

HE cineole rosemary 2 drops
HE eucalyptus radiata 2 drops
Mix these essential oils with 3 drops of hazelnut vegetable oil and massage at the throat.


Thyme with tujanol 2 drops
2 drops verbenone rosemary
Ravensare 2 drops
2 drops of the mixture on a rack 3 times a day.

The use of essential oils can be dangerous and needs special attention.
The use of essential oils is not a substitute for a consultation with your doctor or an ongoing treatment.
The usual precautions are necessary: respect the dosages, perform a skin test beforehand (deposit 1 drop of essential oil on the bend of the elbow and validate that there is no reaction within 24 hours of application), avoid sun exposure within hours of application, do not apply on moist skin.
Beware the indications given in this article are valid for adults; don’t give them to children! There are other specific formulas for children.

Delphine L., naturopath

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