How to choose your Diffuser of Organic Essential Oils

Humidifier or dry diffuser? How to choose your organicessential oil diffuser according to its technical characteristics. In an air-conditioned office, bedroom or new home, opt for diffusers with an ultrasound humidifier. Their light, cool mist compensates for overly dry air. You’ll breathe easier, your skin won’t tug any more… and the diffusion can last a … Read more

Organic for my pet with the Biocanina brand:

In our quest for a healthier, greener lifestyle, we often prioritise food, beauty products and even furnishings. But what about our pets? When we talk about “organic for my pet”, we mean providing our pets with natural products, free from harmful chemicals, grown in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Focus on Biocanina, the brand that … Read more

Which organic hydrosol to use on my skin

Organicfloral water or hydrolat is the by-product of plant distillation, and is a natural flower or leaf water. It is suitable for all skin types and is used after cleansing and removing make-up to gently treat and tone the skin. You can choose a floral water for its benefits or simply for its scent. Cornflower … Read more

Control your emotions with Biofloral

Irritability, lack of sleep, difficulty concentrating, feeling unwell, mood swings, constant feelings of insecurity… In today’s hectic, stressful world, controlling your emotions is essential to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Irritability, sleep disorders and mood swings are all signals that alert us to the need to take care of our mental well-being. Biofloral, with its expertise … Read more

Super Diet: A range of natural and organic food supplements

super diet

Calming, fortifying or even antioxidant, organic organic food supplements Super diet organic food supplements are bursting with benefits. There’s a food supplement for every ailment or need . In capsule, pill, powder or tablet form, there are a variety of forms to suit your preferences. The choice extends to the active ingredients you want to … Read more

5 tips for choosing your sun cream

l'image représente un genou couvert de crème solaire

Finding a good sun protection cream to protect against the sun’s rays this summer can be difficult when there’s so much choice on the shelves of chemists. To help you choose, we’ve decided to talk to you about the ingredients in sun protection products. Protection against UVA/UVB raysis essential, yes, but not at the expense … Read more

Why you should choose paraben-free organic cosmetics

les produits ne contenant pas de parabène

It’s not unusual to see the words “paraben-free” appearing on certain products… But what are parabens? Are they really dangerous or banned? Are paraben-free cosmetics better than those that contain them? Or are they more dangerous to our health? In this article, we attempt to clarify this concept for consumers. Parabens: preservatives used in cosmetics … Read more

Why choose your health products with an organic label?

Organic farming was born from the initiative of agronomists, doctors, farmers and consumers who, in the 1920s, generated new currents of thought based on ethical and ecological principles, and initiated an alternative mode of agricultural production favoring tillage, autonomy and respect for natural balances. As the 1970s approached, significant sociological changes largely influenced the development of … Read more

How to choose your organic food supplement

Organic farming was born of the initiative of agronomists, doctors, farmers and consumers who, in the 1920s, generated new currents of thought based on ethical and ecological principles, and initiated an alternative method of agricultural production that favoured working the soil, self-sufficiency and respect for natural balances. As the 1970s approached, major sociological changes had … Read more

Eating organic for natural well-being

In today’s world, where pollution is everywhere and processed foods are plentiful, it’s imperative that we pay particular attention to what we eat. More and more people are turning to an organic approach to food and choosing to eat organically in the interests of their health and well-being. In the following lines, we invite you … Read more

The importance of organic certification for quality cosmetics

Organic cosmetics have the same hygienic and beautifying function as cosmetics produced by the chemical industry. However, their manufacturing rules differ in that they use natural raw materials from organic farming and do not contain extracts of animal origin or synthetic chemicals. These environmentally-friendly products do not contain extracts of animal origin and are not … Read more