How to maintain tone and vitality despite the change to winter time?

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When switching to winter time , the body is subjected to severe tests. He must acclimatize but also adapt to time changes . Fatigue, drowsiness, anxiety, loss of appetite, etc. are then felt. This is all due to the fact that your internal clock has to adapt to new habits with the time gained and the shorter days. But then, how to prepare to face these inconveniences and keep the tone throughout this season? The best solutions are offered to you in this article.

The right actions to stay in shape

A few weeks before the time change , it is imperative to change your daily life. Thus, the body and the organism acclimatize more easily at the fateful moment. Since you have to start your days earlier from October 31st, you have to bring forward the time of bed, but also that of the alarm clock. This operation should be carried out two to three weeks before this famous date to get the internal clock used to it .

All specialists agree that making regular physical efforts allows you to stay in shape in all circumstances. This statement takes on all the more meaning during the winter season. The cold tends to make your body softer and less active. This causes more or less constant fatigue. To overcome this, it is important to play sports on a daily basis (walking, jogging, etc.) 15 to 30 minutes of exercise per day is more than enough to improve your health.

Your body is abused during the winter. He continually fights against the cold and the various complications linked to the season: seasonal illnesses, muscle pain, etc. It is imperative to adopt a healthy and stimulating diet to support him. Favor fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins C like citrus fruits, peppers, cabbage, guava,… Also eat foods rich in trace elements for a good intake of Omega 3.6,… Gain protein to strengthen your muscles by putting white meat on your plate. Ingest group B vitamins and antioxidants by eating winter vegetables such as beets, carrots, pumpkin, …

Take food supplements of choice

Food supplements also help support and strengthen the body . Specialists always redouble their ingenuity to offer quality products. Among the food supplements providing tone and vitality , there are in particular:

  • Ineldea Vitamin’22 Acerola 1000 Tonus and Vitality : this food supplement is based on acerola, fruit of a tree of the same name which grows in the tropical regions of South America and the West Indies and which is rich in vitamin C. Its particular formula allows it to reduce fatigue and support the natural defenses .
  • PREVENTUS GARUM CELTIC Vitality tone : this food supplement is mainly composed of Garum celtic extracted from fresh fish organs. Thanks to these components, it contributes to the stimulation of physiological energy donors. This promotes energy intake and tone on a daily basis.
  • Pukka Bio Vitality Essential Spirulina 150 tablets : as its name suggests, it is formulated with spirulina. Rich in iron, amino acids, beta-carotene and antioxidants, the latter increases vitality and tone . This food supplement also reduces fatigue and improves the formation of red blood cells thanks to the vitamin B12 with which it is saturated. The latter is also appreciated because it regulates energy metabolism .
  • SYNACTIFS DynActifs DynGreen BIO tone & vitality 30 capsules : organic and vegan product, this improves physical conditions as well as concentration. It is based on plants, vitamins, and essential oils. Among its components, there are in particular spirulina, vitamin C, peppermint and red ginseng.

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