How to relieve colic in infants naturally?

Infant colic is spasmodic abdominal pain that babies experience from the 2nd or 3rd week of life and usually resolves between the ages of 3 and 6 months. These colics are frequent; they affect about 25% of infants. They can be observed in breastfed children as well as in those who are bottle-fed and in the vast majority of cases it is a benign transient phenomenon .

What is infant colic?

A colic translates any sharp pain which has an abdominal origin, whatever the organ concerned. The different forms of colic are therefore as numerous as the abdominal organs and bear the name of the organ concerned. Infant colic refers to crying attacks that occur most often after a feed or bottle . These seizures are confusing to parents, because they come on suddenly and go away on their own in the third or fourth month, as suddenly as they started. The origin of these colic is difficult to determine .

What are the symptoms of infant colic?

After a meal, the infant is calm and content, then suddenly begins to cry. Baby flexes his legs, squirms, turns red, and seems to be in pain for no visible reason. He is sometimes bloated, with a hard stomach. These colic attacks occur more frequently in the late afternoon or early night , and when the baby is lying down . The child is difficult to calm down. He sometimes emits gas or stools, which seems to relieve him.

Some naturopathic tips to relieve baby from infant colic

If breastfeeding:

Avoid spices, soft drinks, pulses (dried beans, flageolet beans) or cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage) which promote bloating and gas.

If using infant milk:

Always use the same milk, do not change milk without asking the doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Do not overfeed your child:

Overeating will only increase your baby’s abdominal pain. Also be sure to give the meal in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Likewise, always remember to put baby in an upright position at the end of the meal to allow him to burp.

Are there natural treatments to relieve or prevent baby colic?

From birth :

You can give your baby a digestive drink, such as Calmosine ( fennel, lime blossom and orange blossom ).

Dosage : 1 teaspoon before each meal, to drink pure. After opening, the bottle can be kept for 15 days in the refrigerator.

On the side of homeopathic medicines:

Dosage : Two granules of each, morning and evening, to be dissolved beforehand in a small quantity of water. To be given with a teaspoon or with a pipette.

Massage baby’s belly with massage oil:

Dosage : Warm a few drops of the product between the hands then massage by gently pressing on the baby’s belly. The massage is carried out by circular movement in the direction of clockwise, going from the navel to the periphery. To be done at least 30 minutes after the end of the meal.

In case of repeated colic, combine probiotics:

Recommended for babies prone to digestive disorders and in whom no abnormalities were noted by the pediatrician.

Dosage : 5 drops / day in a single intake.

Dosage : 1 dose of 0.5 ml, 2 times a day.

Dosage : 5 drops per day in 1 intake. To be given directly in the mouth or in a drink at room temperature. Cure of 1 month, renewable.



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