How to treat calluses?

dressings to treat calluses

Whether we are aware of it or not, our feet play a vital role in our daily life. They have a direct influence on our well-being as on everything else in our body . Therefore, our feet have an impact on our quality of life . The little basic skills we have such as getting up, moving around, dancing, going to work, shopping, running the marathon,… are just some of the activities that make us independent .

Our feet suffer a lot. They are locked up for hours in unsuitable shoes . Sometimes too tight, too loose, uncomfortable, even torturing, … a daily life far from healthy . In short, we abuse them without doing too much on purpose! And at some point, inevitably, they react. We are then confronted with sometimes very annoying inconveniences such as these cracks in the heels, these cracked toes or these accumulations of dry skin. If you are prone to these, especially calluses , here are our tips for treating them.

What is a callus?

The calluses are thick layers hardened skin s. They usually develop as a result of repeated rubbing or friction accompanied by pressure . These growths are
bothersome and unsightly. It should be known that these are natural reactions of our body in relation to these attacks . Calluses on the soles of the feet are caused by improper gait. This can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, pumps with high heels, sandals that lack flexibility in the soles or also shoes without socks… Generally benign , the callus can become infected in some cases. Indeed, spending most of their time in a closed and humid environment, the feet are an ideal place for the reproduction of bacteria.

How to treat calluses?

Most of the time, calluses only need treatment if they are causing discomfort or pain. Normally, simply removing their source of friction or pressure causes them to gradually disappear. However, to relieve them or give a boost in healing, you can opt for these few tips and remedies .

Callus dressings

The dressings Callus 6 Box COMPEED of can be used on already formed calluses. Not only do they stay in place for more than 24 hours, but they also offer protection against chafing. They guarantee a damping pressure due to their quilted effect . Their use brings immediate relief in case of discomfort or pain and helps to accelerate the elimination of calluses.

The Durillon 5 Dressings from Urgo, meanwhile, are used in the treatment of calluses and calluses. These are usually located under the arch of the foot . They materialize in the form of an over-thickened skin linked to repeated rubbing and painful pressure. The dressings soothe the pain as soon as they are applied by removing areas of pressure. This product softens and gently eliminates callus by an emollient effect thanks to the hydrating action of glycerin , associated with the action of the hydrocolloid mass .

Keep your feet hydrated

Apply a nourishing balm or cream regularly , preferably after a bath or shower. These rituals prepare the skin for care, which becomes softer and more absorbent. In addition to softening and healing existing calluses, this gesture will prevent their formation.

Regularly remove calluses

After taking your bath, use a pumice stone and gently remove dead skin and calluses. Formed from a combination of water and lava, pumice stone is a natural product designed to remove rough skin on the feet, elbows and hands. In the event that you notice an abscess or pus coming from your callus, you are probably dealing with an infection .

In this case, it is necessary to consult a podiatrist . Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to clear the infection.

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