Layering: the Asian facial skincare ritual in 6 steps

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The beauty , internal and external, leaves no one indifferent. This universal desire , this quest for perfection gives rise to these “beauty rituals from the end of the world”. Beauty techniques and routines whose results are always more surprising than the next. Layering stands out from this great diversity of aesthetic cultures . This traditional approach to skin care comes to us from Asia . A skincare routine that is passed down from generation to generation.

What is Layering?

The art of taking care of oneself has risen to the same rank as that of the art of living for our friends overseas. The Eastern cultures have long been admired for their beauty secrets of health and wellbeing . Focusing on the natural beauty of their skin rather than investing in concealing imperfections, they favor skincare over makeup. To this end, several techniques and rituals have been considered and designed to reveal this beauty. Of all the treatments, layering is a Japanese beauty routinemost widespread in the four corners of the world. This technique allows you to take care of your skin and have an irreproachable complexion . This technique of superposition of care is generally done in 6 steps and in a very specific order. Carefully perform the layering helps cleanse and moisturize the skin deeply to restore radiance to the complexion while treating skin problems.

Prepare for layering

To fully enjoy the benefits of this technique, it is important to define its objectives beauty. First of all, knowing your skin type is essential . This will allow you to choose your products wisely, in addition to care tailored to your real needs . Gradually introduce the treatments that you feel are compatible with your routine, without changing them all at once. Then, for best results, gear up. The Beauty Ritual Layering Kit from Les Tendances d’Emma, ​​for example, is a practical and complete do all your beauty treatments following the layering ritual. This kit contains an ultra absorbent bamboo towel, 4 small makeup removal gloves and an ultra soft eucalyptus hair band. Everything is washable and reusable.

The stages of layering

1- Oil makeup removal

This first step cleans the skin for the first time. The product recommended for this make-up removal is oil . This eliminates impurities and melts makeup. This includes in particular waterproof mascaras and ultra-resistant eyeshadows. Contrary to popular belief, a cleansing oil effectively and delicately removes any residue without greasing your skin.

2- Facial cleansing

To complete the make-up removal and rid the skin of the fat from step 1, we do a second cleansing . To do this, we can use a cleansing foam , a face gel or a cold saponified soap. The important thing is to opt for a gentle cleaning.

3- The tonic lotion

To tighten pores and gently cleanse the skin , the toning step is a must. To do this, prefer alcohol-free tonic lotions , hydrosols or natural floral waters . In addition to firming the skin, the tonic lotion illuminates, balances the pH and regulates the production of sebum.

4- The serum

The serum is a concentrated care rich in nutrients that responds to specific problems. It brings a treating action to the skin and complements the action of the moisturizer. Anti-aging, hydration, antioxidant,… your choice will depend on your beauty goals.

5- Eye contour treatment

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive on our body. She is also the first to show signs of aging, the consequences of insufficient sleep and damage from the sun. From your twenties, it is advisable to apply an eye cream at least every night. Maintaining the quality of the skin in this area prevents the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles … and in the long term, signs of old age.

6- day cream

It is the essential in any season. All skin types need to be hydrated. The moisturizers lock in moisture, protect the skin and enhance its natural barrier. Since we do not all have the same type of skin, it is important to choose your moisturizer for the face in this sense.

Finally, although it is not necessarily part of the layering technique, sunscreen is an important step in our routine. It is listed as the last step in our skin care routine. Whether it’s taking advantage of sunny days or simply protecting yourself from UV rays . Indeed, the sun can be dangerous in winter as in summer.

Since each layering step has a meaning, besides the order of application, it is also important to take into account the time it takes for your skin to absorb your products. It’s a great way to relax and take some time for yourself !

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