Make-up trends for the winter season

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How to prepare for the winter season?

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Which sun protection should I choose for my ski vacation?

Which sun protection should I choose for my ski vacation?

Sun protection is the essential product during your stay at full altitude. Sun and vacation never go without each other, even when you go into the mountains for winter sports and activities . So, to sunbathe in a place where ice and wind reign supreme, it is better to be well equipped: sunscreen, glasses, hats and gloves. Of course, you also have to make sure that your tan is successful . So how do you choose the right sun protection for the winter? The point in this article.

Sunscreens: some good advice during the winter ski holidays

Sunburn is never the best memory you can hope for when you go on a mountain vacation. Yes, know that the sun also invites itself in the altitudes. And it is all the more dangerous in these high places than on the beach. So, you must be well equipped.

The sunscreen during the winter holidays is mandatory. It helps protect your skin against UV rays from the sun. But how do you choose an effective cream against the damage that can be caused by sunburn?

The easiest way is to rely on the protection index of the cream. The higher the index, the better. If a cream has an SPF index (sun protection factor) of 30, that means protection against 30 times the dose of UV rays that the skin can withstand before it burns. So, to protect your skin well, bet on Soin et Nature products such as AVENE sunscreen sport fluid SPF50 100ml .

Apply your sun protection well for a perfect tan

To make sure you are well protected from the sun ‘s rays and have a beautiful tan when you return from the winter skiing vacation , take care not to burn your skin from day one. To do this, well before your getaway, you can already prepare your skin by using, for example, a good quality sunscreen . Once the product is well applied to your face, take a few minutes every day and get outside to let your skin get used to the sun’s rays.

And of course, once skiing, please coat your skin with a high protection factor sun protection such as SVR Sun Secure Stick Mineral SPF50 from Soin et Nature.

Protect your lips and eyes while skiing

Sun, ice and wind never mix. The damage can be catastrophic for your face. This is why it is recommended to use a moisturizer at night, to apply before going to bed. Besides that, bet on sun protection for the lips like the product ISDIN Protector labial lip balm SPF50 4g . It ensures infallible hydration for your lips in winter . And for your eyes, you have several solutions:

  • The pair of glasses
  • The mask
  • The mirrored lenses or polarized

These on ski goggles can perfectly reflect light and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. So, for your winter ski vacation , take all the necessary sun protection equipment. To your suitcases!