Which over-the-counter stress medication should I choose?

Natural, over-the-counter anxiolytics and anti-stress products available in pharmacies are affordable alternatives for managing chronic stress. They offer a solution for people seeking to control their stress levels, which have an impact on their health, particularly blood pressure and heart rate. Sleep disorders and chronic stress It’s true that sleep disturbance is often linked to … Read more

The hot water bottle, a natural gesture

Monks, bladders, bassinets, heated bricks… the hot water bottle is the worthy heir of these objects whose function was to keep warm. And yes, there was a time when electric heaters and reversible air-conditioning were the stuff of science fiction! Today, the hot water bottle has evolved, and despite the fact that our homes are … Read more

Ayurveda: age-old wisdom for balanced health

Ayurveda, an ancient science of life originating in India, transcends time to offer a holistic vision of health. Based on principles dating back thousands of years, this unique discipline encompasses physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The term “Ayurveda” itself combines the Sanskrit words “Ayur” (life) and “Veda” (knowledge). They reflect its very essence as the … Read more

Traditional Chinese Medicine: an in-depth look at a thousand-year-old practice

Chinese herbal medicine is the central branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the predominant practice in this field. It is based on the use of natural elements, mainly plants and minerals. The Chinese pharmacopoeia lists over 8,000 ingredients, of which 800 are commonly used and 400 are used on a daily basis. The fundamental work … Read more

Breast cancer: How can you feel comfortable in your own body?

Breast cancer and its treatment can lead to significant significant changes in your body, affecting your body image and self-esteem. This article explores ways of adapting and maintaining a healthy relationship with your body during this delicate period. Understanding breast cancer Breast cancer can cause a number of physical side-effects, particularly following surgery such as … Read more

How epigenetics can protect and even lengthen telomeres

In the field of genetics, telomeres and epigenetics are two fascinating subjects. How can telomeres be protected and even lengthened using epigenetics? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article. What are telomeres? Telomeres are complex structures of DNA and proteins located at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. They are made up of … Read more

Discover the therapeutic potential of Wild Rose Bach Flower

Dr Edward Bach, a visionary of his time, introduced the world to the Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930s. Among his discoveries, Bach Wild Rose stands out for its exceptional therapeutic benefits. As well as being a fundamental remedy for apathy and resignation, it also stimulates the inherent interest in life and invigorates the soul. … Read more

Leber neuropathy: A complete guide to diagnosis, treatment and recovery

Leber’s neuropathy is a rare genetic disorder that mainly affects the optic nerve, resulting in loss of vision. As a condition marked by unique complexities and challenges, understanding its underlying causes, available treatment options and long-term management strategies are crucial for healthcare providers and affected individuals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need … Read more

Dynabiane and depression: Analysis of the effectiveness of the natural remedy from the PiLeJe laboratory

Today, we’re taking a look at an essential yet often underestimated subject: depression. In this quest for information, we’re focusing on a natural alternative treatment – Dynabiane, from the renowned PiLeJelaboratory. Our article will detail the effectiveness of this natural remedy for depression, carefully analysing its composition and mode of action. We would like to … Read more

How do you sleep well when it’s very hot at night?

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What are the benefits of relaxation?

Relaxation is a common practice that aims to reduce stresspromote mental and physical well-beingand improve quality of life. In our modern society, we are often faced with high levels of stress and pressure, which can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being. Fortunately, relaxation offers many benefits to help us cope with these … Read more

How to practice mindfulness in the shower?

Mindfulness in the shower is a mindfulness meditation practice that involves bringing conscious, intentional attention to the experience of taking a shower. Imagine starting or ending your day by connecting with your body and mind, focusing on every sensation, thought and emotion that arises as the water flows over you. This simple but powerful practice … Read more