Plant-based nutrition in summer: A balanced, nutrient-rich meal plan

Summer brings a wealth offresh, colourful foods, offering the perfect opportunity to explore vegan nutrition. Adopting a vegan diet in summer can provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for optimal health. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of vegan summer nutrition and suggest a balanced meal plan to guide you. … Read more

Do proteins make you lose weight?

Losing weight is the goal of many people, and different approaches and diets claim to help shed those extra pounds. One popular idea is that proteins play an important role in weight loss. But do proteins really make you lose weight? We’re going to explore the relationship between protein consumption and weight loss, looking at … Read more

Are Vegan dieters deficient in protein?

The vegan movement has taken the food world by storm over the last decade. More and more people are adopting a plant-based diet for environmental, ethical and health reasons. But are vegan dieters protein deficient? That’s the question we’ll address in this article. Are Vegan dieters protein deficient? This is a subject that is the … Read more

One bite at a time: How do you manage food gaps?

Well, who hasn’t succumbed to the temptation to devour a large piece of chocolate cake after a long, exhausting week? Or maybe you’ve had a stressful phone call that’s got you dipping your hand into a bag of crisps. That’s when you ask yourself the crucial question: How do you deal with food gaps? This … Read more

How to do a clean bulk ?

Gaining lean body mass is no mean feat. There are various stages to follow to achieve this muscular objective. Whether you’re a beginner or a top-level athlete, determination and, above all, self-discipline are the first steps on the road to success. The adventure will certainly be long and difficult, but don’t worry, it’s not impossible. … Read more

How can I boost my metabolism?

Boosting your metabolism is the holy grail of all “Healthy” and “Fit” influencers. However, the speed at which your body burns calories depends on a number of factors. Some people inherit a faster metabolism than others. In addition, men tend to burn more calories than women, even at rest. For most people, the metabolism slows … Read more

How to sculpt your body with proteins?

How to sculpt a beautiful figure with proteins

When our body is in great shape, everything is going great! It is therefore important that we practice physical exercises regularly , for the good of our body , but also of our mind . In fact, sport triggers a secretion in our brain called “ endorphin ”, a euphoric hormone that is also called the “ pleasure hormone ”. In short, sport simply makes us happy, but … Read more

Recommended nutritional needs and intakes

Needs vary from one individual to another. Nutrients are used by the body to produce energy, make the basic building blocks of our cells and maintain chemical balances in the body. Gender, age, body type, genetic makeup and physical activity create different needs for each individual. The requirements for a given nutrient or energy are … Read more

Food rebalancing, focus on Proteins

Proteins are essential for the manufacture of tissues such as bones and muscles, for cell renewal, for the proper functioning of organs, as well as for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones. They are digested in the stomach, which is an acidic environment. They are found in meats, dairy products, fish, sprouted seeds, eggs, oilseeds … Read more